Wildlife Candids: Fox Edition

An adult fox walks along the side of the road.

Wildlife Candids: Moose Edition

A female moose stands in the snow, in the early morning.

Wildlife Candids: Beaver Edition

A beaver swims towards the shore to get a tree that is waiting.  You can see it's head, back and part of it's tail slightly above the water.

Huib took this picture on his way to work. This lake is directly behind the hospital and provides the town of Kirkland Lake with water.

Wildlife Candids: Raccoon Edition

Two young raccoons hug an evergreen. The raccoons are one above the other, hanging out most of the way up the tree.

A closer picture of the two raccoons. They are now at the very top of the evergreen.

Since we get an opportunity to see tons of wildlife in action, I thought I would begin sharing our candid shots.