Can’t Forget This

Canyon lies on a snowy road with a rubber football on a rope in front of him. You can see clumps of ice attached to his chest fur.

He Just Can’t Seem To Go Anywhere Without A Toy

Look At My Birdie…

Canyon standing in the snow holding his favourite red rubber pheasant.

Elora Gorge Show: Damn Carpets!

As you can see from the title of this post, day two of the show didn’t go any better.

canyon and Huib looked amazing together, but Canyon did his little canter looking thing again on the “down and back”.

We’ve assessed things and observed the other dogs, and have come to the conclusion that it is the carpeting. We’re not sure what is on the carpets, but the dogs are all having trouble with keeping their footing and one of the handlers even got close to taking a tumble.

canyon’s co-breeder came to watch him show today and was giving Huib tons of compliments. She even said that he looked as though he’d been showing for years!

We’ve picked up some Vaseline for Canyon’s paws to hopefully give him a little more grip on the carpets.

Maybe third time’s a charm?

Where It All Began

It’s time for the Elora Gorge Kennel Club’s conformation dog show.

Canyon is entered all three days and will be handled by Huib.

This is the show where Canyon and Huib made their debut.

We aren’t sure how many males are entered into the Canadian Bred category, but there are about seven or eight other males entered in addition to Canyon.

our aim is always to just have fun and do our best, but canyon’s co-breeder is coming to watch on Saturday, so it would be cool not to end up dead last again 🙂

I’ll make sure to post updates.