Quick Announcement

Just in case anyone wanted to check it out.

I was asked to prepare a guest post for the blog, Dawg Business: It’s Your Dog’s Health, and you can read it here.

Please don’t feel obligated to do so though 🙂

Updates Galore!

I’ve got a bunch of updates to give you all regarding previous posts…

Yesterday I found out that Christina has been given a surgery date!! She will have the Vegas nerve Stimulator implanted on June 3rd at 8:00am!! I’m not sure what caused Sick Children’s Hospital to change their decision regarding the funding cap, but Monique has informed me that it has now been removed, so hopefully more children like Christina will be getting this lifesaving surgery soon! I’ll continue to post updates on Christina when possible.

I wrote earlier
about an entry I had been asked to write for Dawg Business regarding Phoenix’s constant ear infections. It’s now up on the blog and here’s the link.

Next, Huib will be starting a new position at the Kirkland & District Hospital. He will be working part-time in the emergency department and part-time in the intensive care unit, while occasionally filling in on the ward. He is quite excited about this new position because he’ll gain more experience and be forced to work outside his comfort level.

And, if this isn’t enough news, we’re also moving! Around the end of June, we’ll be packing up the gang and relocating to a three bedroom house just outside Englehart. Huib will be closer to the long-term care home he works at, but about ten minutes further away from the hospital. The house has three bedrooms, two are the same size as our current rooms, and the third is smaller, but will make an awesome room for a child we might foster or adopt. The living room and kitchen are pretty much one room so it will be a little harder to keep Cessna from counter surfing while we’re away or keeping Dawsen away from the food in general, but I think the openness will give the dogs even more room to wrestle and play. The only real downfall of this new house is that there is no basement to store our extra clothes and other stuff we won’t be using, so we’ll either need to make sure the shed is well sealed or take stuff to my sister’s house for storage. We really like living in our current home, but the landlord keeps hinting that she’d like to sell at some point in the near future, so Huib decided to start looking for a new place before she could ask us to leave. The woman who owns this new place seems quite nice, so I’m hoping it will work out a little better for us all.

Finally, I may have already announced this, but Huib and I got a call a few weeks ago from Temiskaming Child and Family Services regarding our application to foster. I called the woman back and she has passed our file on to the adoption workers because we have decided to “foster with a view” instead of just foster, because after a year of waiting we think adoption is going to be our ultimate goal. We’re now waiting for the adoption worker to contact us so we can start the necessary home study.

Stay tuned!!

Guest Blogging

Jana Rade from
Dawg Business, asked me to write an entry for her blog about Phoenix and his life-long struggles with ear infections. She asked me to discuss the long process we had to undertake in order to discover what was causing his issues, what worked, what didn’t and how recently changing him to the raw diet and Dr B’s homeopathic regiment, has made a huge difference in his ear problems and overall health.

Here’s a direct quote from the blog to let you all know what Dawg Business is all about – “Owner-to-owner things I’ve learned about dogs and dog care. Sharing what I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. At the end, your dog’s health is in your hands.”. I hope you will visit her blog and see the wealth of information she has put together for all of us to enjoy.

When my post is up, I’ll let you all know.