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Canyon sits on a wooden deck covered in a light layer of snow.

Kirkland Lake (where we used to live) already has a few inches of snow and so far Guelph has been spared, but it looks like it’s coming.

Canyon at Dusk

canyon stands on a wooded trail.

The 13th Round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

Welcome to the 13th round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival!

I really enjoyed reading your stories and hope you’ll take the time to read some of the other entries.

Our first submission comes from L-Squared of Her entry is called trust Your dog.

“Unfortunately, no matter how cute, smart, loyal and hard-working your guide dog is, sometimes trusting them completely can be a very difficult thing to do – regardless of whether you’re working with your first dog or your tenth.”

Isn’t that just so true??? I remember constantly being told those exact three words while training for Phoenix and Cessna, and I am having to remind myself of this now that Rogue is easing into being my full-time guide.

Now let’s go visit Briony’s blog, Briony Waffling. In her post, Lessons, Briony shares the lesson she learned while training with her second guide dog.

Our next entry comes from Shane and Yager over at House of Insanity and Opinions. shane writes about the lessons he learned while in training, in his post Lessons Learned In Training.

Next, we’ll move over to the blog, A Mutt and His Pack, where we’ll find Flo. In his post, Do What You Can, Flo writes about the obstacles he’s had to overcome this year, and about the lessons his dogs have taught him.

Karyn and Thane of Through A Guide’s Eyes, have shared a post called Lessons Through Healing. Karyn has written about a healing program she is taking part in that has led to not only improvements in her health, but has also taught her lessons about her relationship with Thane.

Now let’s visit Sharon Wachsler over on her blog, In her post, The Importance of Play, Sharon reminds us all about the importance of having fun with our dogs.

Ro from the blog, In the Center of the Roof, has submitted a post called Little Lesson, in which she talks about the lesson her guide dog, Jayden, has taught her about routines.

The next post comes from Frida writes. she writes about some of the trainers and service dog handlers she has learned from and has shared some useful links in her post, Lessons From Others.

Patti Brehler of the blog, Plays With Puppies, writes about using some of her puppy training techniques with her husband in her entry, Not Just For Puppies.

I’m totally going to try “training” Huib with positive reinforcement now…wish me luck!

Now let’s go visit Patty Aguirre’s blog, Shai Ezer-Helper Beside Me. In her entry, Lessons From Rani On Counter Surfing, Patty writes about how she has approached issues such as counter surfing.

Finally, in my post, the Rogue Lesson, I write about the lessons Rogue has taught me along our journey together.

Thank you everyone for submitting an entry and making the 13th round such a huge success!