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Books 46 And 47 For 2013

Here are two more books to add to the completed book list for 2013.

“The Search” by Nora Roberts and “Deadly Decisions” by Kathy Reichs.

The past few weeks have been a little stressful, so I have found myself returning to the In Death series. I’m not sure why, but I find the books interesting and easy to read when stressed. So, in between reading “The Search” and “Deadly Decisions”, I’ve begun to re-read the “In Death” series.

“The Search” is about a woman named Fiona, who runs a dog training school and volunteers for search and rescue missions. Fiona has moved to a small community to escape her past and make a life for herself. all is going as planned until one day she receives a red scarf in the mail and the FBI shows up.

I loved reading about fiona and her dogs. It was interesting to read about the training of search and rescue dogs. the other parts of the book were just bonuses.

“Deadly Decisions” is the third book in the Temperance Brennan series. Brennan has been called back to Montreal early. there have been a high number of motorcycle gang related killings and Brennan has been asked to sort through the remains of two gang members who were victims of a car bombing. While sorting through the various pieces of bones, Brennan learns of a young girl who was also killed in the bombing. the girl’s death sparks a need within Brennan to become more involved in finding the perpetrators and bringing a close to the senseless gang violence.hh

Dental Surgery

One week and four days ago, Cessna had dental surgery.

Back in June, I took her to see a doggie dentist for a free check and he found several teeth that needed to be extracted.

When we arrived at the doggie dentist office, he gave Cessna a sedative. We sat with her in the waiting room so it could take effect. Cessna was then taken into the back to have an IV inserted and to have x-rays done before we left.

In June, we’d learned that Cessna had a broken premolar, a chipped upper incisor and two loose lower incisors that all needed to be extracted. After the x-rays were done, we learned that Cessna has a condition where her body is reabsorbing the roots of her teeth. This meant that some of her other teeth would need to be removed because they were just sitting in her mouth.

In total, Cessna had two lower molars, an upper premolar, an upper incisor and four lower incisors extracted.

The condition that Cessna has can progress or stay the same, so each year Cessna will need to go for x-rays and possibly have more teeth removed.

After we learned the results of the x-ray we were told we could leave for an hour, so we went home to grab some breakfast.

When we returned to pick Cessna up, she was beginning to wake up from the anesthetic, so we waited. When she could stand they had us take her outside so she could walk a bit on the pavement. We then took her home and gave her a Tramadol before bringing her into our bedroom for some rest. She was in some pain before the Tramdol kicked in, so she was whimpering. Huib grabbed a pillow and blanket and fell asleep on the floor with Cessna curled up against him.

After about three days, Cessna began to feel better and over the past week she has been trying to play tug and fetch again.

We take her to see the doggie dentist on Wednesday to see whether she can start eating her regular meals or if she needs to continue eating boneless meats.

Reading And More Reading

I’m not sure why the series has grabbed me, but I couldn’t stop reading the books and have now completed the most recent book in JD Robb’s In Death series.

In total, there are 39 books and a few other books that include some of Robb’s shorter stories that include Eve Dallas, roarke and friends.

since my last entry, I’ve read:

* Ceremony In Death
* Vengence In Death
* Holiday In Death
* Midnight In Death
* Conspiracy In Death
* Loyalty In Death
* Witness In Death
* Judgement In Death
* Betrayal In Death
* Interlude In Death
* Seduction In Death
* Reunion In Death
* Purity In Death
* Portrait In Death
* Imitation In Death
* Remember when
* Divided In Death
* Visions In Death
* Survivor In Death
* Origin In Death
* Memory In Death
* Born In Death
* Innocent In Death
* Creation In Death
* Strangers In Death
* Salvation In Death
* Promises In Death
* Kindred In Death
* Fantasy In Death
* Indulgence In Death
* Treachery In Death
* New York To Dallas
* Celebrity In death
* Delusion In Death
* Calculated In Death

Of her shorter stories, I’ve read:

* Ritual In Death, and
* Possession In Death

I have a few more of her shorter stories to read, but will eagerly await the release of her next book in the “In Death” series.

With these 35 books, I think my 2013 completed book list is up to 45. If I keep reading ebooks, instead of braille, I will probably complete over a hundred books by the end of the year.

Cessna’s Thyroid Levels

Cessna has been on Levo-Thyroxine, a thyroid medication, for almost 4 weeks, so I thought I’d do a bit of an update.

At her annual checkup in June, we learned that Cessna has Hypothyroidism. We weren’t overly surprised to find this out. Cessna will be 10 in October and labs are prone to Hypothyroidism. In addition, we’ve noticed some changes that had us a bit suspicious:

* Cessna is 4lbs heavier than I’d like, and we’ve been struggling to get the excess weight to go away;
* Cessna has begun to shed more than usual;
* Cessna seems to have less energy than usual, but we also thought she was just aging; and
* Cessna had begun coughing and clearing her throat a lot in March and it seemed to be getting worse.

Within a few days of starting the medication, Cessna was no longer coughing and clearing her throat. Dr b says that labs are known to get some sort of condition with Hypothyroidism where there is some level of paralysis in the larynx. She said that the condition is reversible with medication, but that the chances of full recovery depends upon how long it has been going on. Since Cessna had only had the issue for a few months, she fully recovered. Added to this, Cessna seems to have more energy, is beginning to lose the excess weight and her coat seems healthier.

She is currently taking half a milligram daily, split into two doses. We had her thyroid levels checked on Wednesday and were told that they are at a good number, so for now, she’ll remain on the same dose.

This coming wednesday, Cessna will be having a few teeth extracted, so I’m hoping that she’ll recover quickly with her thyroid levels being normal.