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Canyon, The Birthday Boy

Canyon sits on on a wooded trail.

Happy Birthday Canyon!

Happy Birthday Canyon!

I can’t believe you’re already four years old.

It feels as though you’ve been a part of our lives forever, but also, that the years are passing by way too fast.

I hope you are enjoying your life with us, as much as we are enjoying your company. We cherish your loyalty and friendship. Your humour and spark for life, are addicting.

I hope the weather is nice, so we can spend time outside playing fetch, because I know that’s your favourite game.

Canyon standing in the snow holding his favourite red rubber pheasant.

I also hope we can take a drive over to the pet store, so you can pick out a new ball.

Happy 4th Birthday Candy Man!

Life just wouldn’t be the same without you.

here’s to many more years of great adventures and long games of fetch with the most handsome Golden Boy.

Canyon poses for the camera. he is lying down and has a very serious look on his face as if he is trying hard to look good.