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Wildlife Candids: Fox Edition

An adult fox walks along the side of the road.

Rest Peacefully Our Golden Princess

On Thursday, March 14th, 2013, at approximately 3:30pm, we said goodbye to our Golden Princess.

Aspen stands in a blanket of fallen leaves.

We didn’t know Aspen was seriously ill. We had decided to take her to see Dr B because she didn’t seem to be herself and she was beginning to refuse her meals.

On Monday, Aspen was wrestling with rogue.

On Tuesday, Aspen only finished half of her turkey wing, so we thought her jaw might be sore from chewing beef bones and icicles, so Huib gave her a can of salmon instead, and she slowly ate it.

On Wednesday, Aspen seemed uninterested in interacting with anyone, and was hesitant about eating both her breakfast and dinner. I decided to brush her and look for any abnormal lumps or sores, but found none. I did notice that her heart seemed to be beating a bit quicker than normal, but I thought it might have just been her hatred for being groomed. but, I sent Huib an iMessage and he suggested I try to make an appointment with Dr B.

Thursday morning we woke up really early and piled everyone into the Orlando. aspen seemed tired and was panting a bit, but again, we weren’t too worried – it was 3am. when she went to jump into the back of the Orlando though, she didn’t quite make it and Huib had to help her – this made us worry a bit. On the drive, aspen sat up a few times and panted, but she always laid back down and didn’t seem distressed. when we arrived in Guelph, we let everyone relieve themselves and Aspen did both, so we returned to thinking it was going to be okay.

As soon as Dr b entered the examination room and saw Aspen lying on the floor, panting, she said she was concerned. She checked her heart rate, her temperature and listened to her lungs before she told us she didn’t feel it was going to be happy news. she was worried about Lymphoma and tumours on her spleen, but when she shaved her abdominal area to do an abdominal aspiration (to check for blood), she found unexplained bruising, and began to worry about anemia. she took some blood and sent it off to be tested.

She asked us to stay in the examination room with aspen until the test results came back because she wanted aspen to remain calm and relaxed. We sat with her for three hours, taking turns sitting on the floor to pet her.

When the test results came back, it wasn’t good news at all. We had known something was wrong from the way Aspen had begun to have more and more difficulty breathing and getting comfortable throughout the day, but we were hopeful that Dr b could do something to help her.

Aspen was diagnosed with a very aggressive case of Leukemia.

Close up of Aspen from our walk along the closed road near our house.

Dr b told us that Aspen’s white blood cell count was through the roof and her red blood cell count was beyond being anemic. She felt that Aspen wouldn’t make it through the night, let alone through a chemo treatment. She said that if we decided to try chemo, she could have aspen in for a round in the evening, but we all worried that she may die on the treatment table. It was so hard to get all this news. We were in complete shock and felt helpless. We worried about giving up too early on our golden girl, but we worried even more about putting her through a treatment that could either kill her or cause her pain and suffering that wouldn’t even end up giving her back any semblance of a life.

We sat for two hours with Aspen, talking about the options and spending as much time as we could with her, because deep down, I guess we already knew what our decision was going to have to be.

By 3:00pm, aspen was having more and more difficulty breathing and getting comfortable. She was so warm and it was heartbreaking to watch her struggle. at 3:20pm, we told Dr B that we had decided to let Aspen go. she felt we were making the best possible decision.

Aspen sits in front of a flowering apple tree.

Huib and I sat beside aspen, while Cessna, rogue and Canyon laid around us. Dr b began inserting the anesthetic and Huib said aspen passed before she had even finished inserting half of it. We feel as though she must have been ready to go. her body was just having too much trouble fighting to stay alive.

I meant to tell our blog readers about her passing sooner, but her sudden death has left us in a state of confusion and disbelief. It just happened so suddenly, that we are having trouble coming to terms with it all. We know time will heal some of the wounds, but we still keep wondering if there is something we missed or something more we could have done.

Rest peacefully and chase all the leaves you desire our Golden Princess. You and Phoenix are back together and I know you’ll both take good care of each other.

We all miss you little girl, and the paw prints you’ve left on our hearts will never be forgotten.

Huib’s Wives

Picture of just my face. I am wearing a fleece toque that has ear flaps and braided ties that hang down from each side. I'm smiling.

Close up of Aspen from our walk along the closed road near our house.

Or, at least that is what Aspen likes to think.

Snow Labbies

Cessna making paths through really deep snow. She's wearing a red RC Pets winter coat.

Rogue running through snow. She's wearing a lime green and black columbia winter coat.

Can’t Forget This

Canyon lies on a snowy road with a rubber football on a rope in front of him. You can see clumps of ice attached to his chest fur.

He Just Can’t Seem To Go Anywhere Without A Toy

Double Trouble

Rogue and Cessna are exploring near a 100 foot drop. Rogue is wearing a lime green and black columbia winter coat with her chocolate brown collar with: Wet Nose, Cold Heart, written in teal. Cessna is wearing a red and black RC Pets winter coat. You can also see the tops of the trees that are growing in the ravine.

Good Thing They Decided Against Jumping

Book #2 Of 2013

It took me a while, but I have finally gotten around to finishing my second book of the year – Entanglement by Michael Brooks.

Nathaniel Virgo is a journalist for The Herald, a London-based newspaper. He has just recently moved over to the science beat, and his first assignment is to attend a Quantum conference in Baltimore. While at the conference, a scientist gives him a disk that will turn his world upside down.

I felt the book was too long and thought it jumped around too much. I wasn’t able to stop reading though, I needed to know what would happen to Nathaniel and his daughter Katie.

For anyone who is interested in quantum science and political corruption, I recommend you check this book out.


For anyone who is following our countdown to moving day – 53 days to go!

R.I.P. Ms. Gingy

At approximately 2:43pm on Friday, March 1st, 2013, the mutilated body of Ms. Gingy, was found by a man in his early thirties under a bed.

When questioned by investigators, the man said: “I had the day off, so decided to do a bit of cleaning. while sweeping the master bedroom, I swept up the lifeless, mutilated body of Ms. Gingy”.

When asked if he saw anything out of place or noticed any witnesses, he offered the following pictures:

A small brown female gingerbread lays on the floor. she has a laceration to her front. Her pink scarf is tied tightly around the upper portion of her neck.

Exhibit A

The small gingerbread lady is lying on her stomach and there is a large hole in her back.

Exhibit B

A close-up of the small gingerbread lady's lower half. You can see a hole where her bum would be.

Exhibit C

Investigators will continue their search for clues, but feel as though they have identified their suspect.

Canyon lies with the little gingerbread lady between his paws.

He Says He’s Innocent…