Elbow Update

Reece had an x-ray done on his elbows last week and it was determined that there are no obvious signs of elbow dysplasia. He is still limping and there is inflammation so a decision is still being made on whether he should remain in the ADS program or be adopted out as someone’s pet. He will be going to visit another foster mom who is more experienced in dog health so she can assess his elbow and have her vet take a look. We are moving in exactly 13 days so I am hoping this assessment will happen soon so that we can have him back in time to go north.

Stay tuned for further updates!


  1. When we had our first puppy in training he got pano many times throughout his time with us. It’s essentially growing pains and could stay in just one leg or jump legs. Could that be what Reese has? They would just give him something to ease the pain and put him on crate rest until it went away. I hope he can continue on in the program!

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