Little Aiden Goes To The Market

Saturday afternoon we took Aiden (now 14 weeks) for his first trip to St. Jacobs Farmers Market. Before heading to the market itself we took him for a walk around the Lego Store in the Factory Outlet and he got to sit and watch some kids building race cars and see some huge lego structures like a big stegosaurus. He wasn’t phased by this at all and did all of the stairs in the mall without any issues at all. It was only 2 weeks ago when he would shy away from walking down any more than 4 stairs at a time…way to go monkey man! After briefly walking around the outlet we headed to the market where he saw 2 large horses pulling a carriage, again not phased by this at all! Meanwhile, Cessna was so excited and began to make a low barking noise at them…crazy girl, they could stomp you in one quick raise of a hoof!

While at the market we walked around the flea market and the food buildings. We were constantly stopped so people could admire Aiden, he did so well sitting without much of a reminder and remaining quite calm while everyone made baby noises at him. Why do people do that??? The only real eventful thing which happened while at the market was when a kid fell to the floor screaming when Cessna stopped in front of it to let me know something was in the way…I swear…she didn’t do anything wrong at all! It is a shame that parents don’t encourage their children to check out things at such young ages, maybe then there would be less kids freaking out about dogs and maybe even less adults doing it in the future.

The market trip was such a success that we decided to head to a nearby baseball diamond for Cessna, Aiden and another ADS foster puppy to run free. Aiden did so well with recall on his first off leash run…there will be many more of those to come, don’t worry monkey man!

Today Aiden accompanied me to the mall with a friend while Cessna caught up on her beauty sleep. He did quite well with all the crowds and didn’t pull too much, maybe he’s actually finally learning the meaning of heel? It is amazing how many people notice someone walking with a puppy/dog, all the smiles we get and the people we pass that just happen to be talking about their dog. I can’t count the number of times my friend told me someone was smiling at us while we passed by. I guess if I could see I might do the same…who knows…I’d never seen a foster puppy or guide dog before I lost my sight and got my own guide dog.

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