Elora Gorge Show: Too Small

So the Vaseline worked! Canyon no longer did his little cantering walk, and moved perfectly around the ring.

The judge checked over both boys very thoroughly and in the end it came down to the difference in size between Canyon and the other boy. As I’ve mentioned before, Canyon is slightly smaller than most male golden retrievers, so if a judge has to look to the breed standard for their decision, then canyon always loses.

when Huib came back to where I was sitting, the woman in front of us turned and said she would have totally picked Canyon over the other male. It turns out that this woman is a golden retriever breeder, so we’ll assume she knows what she’s talking about 😉

We’re not sure what show we’ll attend next, but it’ll probably be in February or march since the weather tends to be pretty bad in January.

Elora Gorge Show: Damn Carpets!

As you can see from the title of this post, day two of the show didn’t go any better.

canyon and Huib looked amazing together, but Canyon did his little canter looking thing again on the “down and back”.

We’ve assessed things and observed the other dogs, and have come to the conclusion that it is the carpeting. We’re not sure what is on the carpets, but the dogs are all having trouble with keeping their footing and one of the handlers even got close to taking a tumble.

canyon’s co-breeder came to watch him show today and was giving Huib tons of compliments. She even said that he looked as though he’d been showing for years!

We’ve picked up some Vaseline for Canyon’s paws to hopefully give him a little more grip on the carpets.

Maybe third time’s a charm?

Elora Gorge Show: No Excuses

Today was the first day of the Elora Gorge Kennel Club’s conformation dog show.

Canyon competed against one other male in the Canadian Bred Dog category and lost.

officially, he received second place, but it really doesn’t count for much when there’s only two dogs in the ring lol!

We’ve got no excuses for the loss, Canyon just wasn’t any good today.

He showed well and did his thing perfectly, but he had a bit of a wobbly gait thing when Huib tried to walk a bit quicker than usual with him – it made it look as though he had a limp. Huib felt it through the leash so tried walking the pattern again at a slower (the normal) pace and Canyon was completely fine – but it was too late, the judge had already seen the weird gait thing. Other dogs seemed to have some oddities to their gaits at times too, which makes us wonder if it had to do with the carpet (usually the ring has a mat).

But, the fact is, Canyon wasn’t good enough today.

Hopefully we’ll have better luck tomorrow though.

Where It All Began

It’s time for the Elora Gorge Kennel Club’s conformation dog show.

Canyon is entered all three days and will be handled by Huib.

This is the show where Canyon and Huib made their debut.

We aren’t sure how many males are entered into the Canadian Bred category, but there are about seven or eight other males entered in addition to Canyon.

our aim is always to just have fun and do our best, but canyon’s co-breeder is coming to watch on Saturday, so it would be cool not to end up dead last again 🙂

I’ll make sure to post updates.

Orangeville Show: Not The Judge’s Type

On the final day of showing, Canyon did well. He was a little hyper before entering the ring and Huib was a bit worried, but once they were in, Canyon seemed to settle right into doing his job. He stacked well, he walked nicely and he never once tried to sit, but he still ended up getting last place out of three, when competing for Winner’s Dog.

The dog who won, had a bit of a longer coat and was fuller in the chest, tail and hocks areas. Huib felt that the dog really did deserve to win, but that if it were any other judge, he probably would have ended up last. He was being shown by a professional handler, but he just wasn’t showing as nicely as the rest in the group. Even the other professional handler was shocked to learn that the dog would be getting first.

As a side note. Before they entered the ring, we were sitting on a bench beside the other dogs lining up to go in. Canyon was quite interested in the other dogs and took a particular liking in one of the female pointers. We learned she was in season lol! Well, about three minutes before Huib and Canyon were to enter the ring, the show leash snapped! Huib grabbed his wallet and ran to one of the vendors at the show who sold show collars and leashes and got back with a minute to spare. He said he had been thinking the day before that we should probably have a back up leash lol!


Huib took a picture of the leash, and e-mailed it to the woman who made it. She has asked us to send the leash to her and she’ll fix it right away 🙂

Orangeville Show: Canyon…Don’t Sit…

Today was day two of three at the Caledon Kennel Association’s conformation dog show.

My friend Amy showed Canyon today, and we’re not sure why, but Canyon decided it was a good idea to keep sitting whenever they stopped moving. For those who do not know, sitting in the show ring is frowned upon. It is not a disqualification, but if the other dog is similar to your dog, then your dog will almost definitely end up last because of their sitting.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll have better luck…

On another note, both Canyon and Rogue passed their Canine Good Neighbour tests. The CGN is the Canadian Kennel Club’s equivalent to the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test.

We were a little shocked at hearing they both passed, but in their defence, they were both really well-behaved, so I’m not really surprised lol!

the tester had me walk around with each of them (one at a time). We did figure eights, left turns, right turns, full circles, etc. She had us stop and talk to her while she casually pet our dog, then she had us touch different areas (in their mouth, their paws, their back ends) and run a comb along their back a few times. Then she had several people come into the area and pretend they were a crowd so we could maneuver through the people. Then we had to have them in either a sit or down stay while we went to the end of their leash and then called them to us. We had to also put them into a down or sit stay and walk away and then call them to us. She had a random dog owner come in and walk their dog around while we just stood in the middle with ours and then she had a child come and bounce around us to see what the dogs would do. Then she had us show her that we could keep our dogs under control going through a door, having them sit and wait until we called them through. Finally, she had someone hold our dog’s leash and we had to leave the area and hide for a set amount of time and then return. Huib was my guide and I first did the test with Rogue and then with Canyon. Other then going to the end of their leash once in a while, at which point I’d stop and wait for them to return to my side, they really didn’t do anything unusual.

Now we work towards doing their novice rally-obedience or novice obedience title.

Orangeville Show: All Stacked

Canyon and Amy wait for the judge to come do his examination. Canyon stands with his hind legs straight, his front legs are straight underneath him and his head slightly out in front of him to show off his neck and top line. Amy kneels beside him trying to position his tail so it shows off his feathering better.

Orangeville Show: Still Not White Enough

In a previous post, I mentioned that we had entered Canyon into the Caledon Kennel Association’s conformation dog show in Orangeville.

Today was the first of three days.

There were ten males and about nine females entered today. Canyon was the only male entered into the Canadian Bred category, so he was immediately awarded first place lol! He then went on to compete for Winner’s Dog. He competed with two other males and we don’t truly know what he ended up with because of a mix-up in communication between the judge and Huib, but we do know he didn’t get first place, so he wouldn’t have gone on to compete anymore today.

Like our last three shows, Canyon was the darkest male of them all. I don’t truly understand why the white/cream coloured golden retrievers keep winning, when that is not a golden, but they do and it’s kind of frustrating.

Tomorrow we have a different judge, and my friend Amy is taking a turn at showing Canyon, so we’ll see how he does.

Caledon Kennel Association

Yesterday was the final day to enter the Caledon Kennel Association’s conformation show. The show will take place in Orangeville, the weekend of November 23rd.

We have entered Canyon into all three days. Huib will be his handler Friday and Sunday, and our friend Amy is going to show him on the Saturday. Amy’s female dalmatian has already obtained her Championship so Amy asked if she could try showing Canyon for us. Showing golden retrievers and dalmatians is similar, but she would like to get some experience showing another dog that isn’t hers. Canyon knows her well, so as long as we can tire him out a bit, I think he’ll do okay with her, but Huib will be ready just in case lol!

I’m not holding my breath, but it would be really cool if he obtained a couple of points at this show and then finished off in December at the Elora Gorge Kennel Club show where Canyon made his debut.

But, we’ll see what happens 🙂

In the meantime, Canyon is wearing some of Huib’s old t-shirts to prevent him from scratching (he hasn’t been in weeks, but we don’t want him to start), and I’m not playing fetch with him in their play area, but in the side yard, so that he doesn’t end up injuring himself again, running into the end of the deck.

My friend told me “to be careful you don’t turn into one of those crazy show people who don’t allow their dogs to do anything”, and it got me a little worried, but I’m not really convinced I’m being like that – what do you all think?

Oakville Show: Just A Little Too Small…

Today was the final day of showing.

Even though he didn’t end up winning, I’d say this weekend’s show was the best canyon has ever shown. He just seemed to know what he had to do, and did it with such grace.

As I mentioned in the last entry, the other males and females at the show were lighter, so Canyon came in last yesterday (being the darkest of all entries).

Today’s judge though, had a lot of trouble selecting his winning male, so ended up resorting to the breed standard and Canyon lost because he was slightly smaller. Huib says the judge made his final decision after taking a long time to really measure and feel the boys for shoulder height and width.

I found this show to be one of the friendliest we’ve ever attended. We heard people congratulating other competitors. Random people came up to us to ask about Canyon, and to learn more about Rogue. I even had a Leonberger come over and climb into my lap…lol!

I think the point at which I truly knew how well Canyon had shown, was when a professional handler we didn’t know, came up and asked about him and then gave Huib one tip. he said that they had looked really good in the ring, but that he should try having Canyon hold his tail a little lower. there were no suggestions on grooming changes. No suggestions on stacking better. He just suggested that he shouldn’t hold his tail so high…

Usually we take Canyon for a long hike, or play a really long game of fetch before his bath, but this past weekend had been quite rainy, so it wasn’t possible to tire him a bit – maybe next time 🙂

Unless we find an earlier show that interests us, Canyon won’t show again until the end of November 🙂