Little Aiden Goes To The Market

Saturday afternoon we took Aiden (now 14 weeks) for his first trip to St. Jacobs Farmers Market. Before heading to the market itself we took him for a walk around the Lego Store in the Factory Outlet and he got to sit and watch some kids building race cars and see some huge lego structures like a big stegosaurus. He wasn’t phased by this at all and did all of the stairs in the mall without any issues at all. It was only 2 weeks ago when he would shy away from walking down any more than 4 stairs at a time…way to go monkey man! After briefly walking around the outlet we headed to the market where he saw 2 large horses pulling a carriage, again not phased by this at all! Meanwhile, Cessna was so excited and began to make a low barking noise at them…crazy girl, they could stomp you in one quick raise of a hoof!

While at the market we walked around the flea market and the food buildings. We were constantly stopped so people could admire Aiden, he did so well sitting without much of a reminder and remaining quite calm while everyone made baby noises at him. Why do people do that??? The only real eventful thing which happened while at the market was when a kid fell to the floor screaming when Cessna stopped in front of it to let me know something was in the way…I swear…she didn’t do anything wrong at all! It is a shame that parents don’t encourage their children to check out things at such young ages, maybe then there would be less kids freaking out about dogs and maybe even less adults doing it in the future.

The market trip was such a success that we decided to head to a nearby baseball diamond for Cessna, Aiden and another ADS foster puppy to run free. Aiden did so well with recall on his first off leash run…there will be many more of those to come, don’t worry monkey man!

Today Aiden accompanied me to the mall with a friend while Cessna caught up on her beauty sleep. He did quite well with all the crowds and didn’t pull too much, maybe he’s actually finally learning the meaning of heel? It is amazing how many people notice someone walking with a puppy/dog, all the smiles we get and the people we pass that just happen to be talking about their dog. I can’t count the number of times my friend told me someone was smiling at us while we passed by. I guess if I could see I might do the same…who knows…I’d never seen a foster puppy or guide dog before I lost my sight and got my own guide dog.

A Jam Packed Weekend

What an exhausting Easter weekend! We started our weekend off by attending the All About Pets Show at the International Centre in Mississauga and finished it off yesterday with a long, but enjoyable trip to Fairview Mall in Kitchener.

Our trip to the show was fun, but overly exhausting for Cessna and Aiden. The crowds were huge and people kept stopping us to ask about Aiden and Cessna. I have never said “please don’t pet my dog” so many times in a day, thankfully our fellow fostering friend also took the liberty of asking people to STOP! Petting Cessna! Cessna is a good girl and rarely reacts to people paying attention to her, but I still feel it is important to educate the public on the importance of ignoring her. Aiden on the other hand just couldn’t get enough attention and thanks to our fellow fostering friend my husband and I were able to continue walking while she worked her way through the swarming puppy lovers.

Our first eventful moment at the show came when we got through security and Cessna saw a St. Bernard who she felt was getting too close to me so barked and growled at it. How many times do I have to remind you Cessna that you are not a big dog so challenging a dog over twice your size is not recommended! Next we came upon the Golden Rescue booth where we stopped to chat with another fellow fostering friend and Aiden decided “oh this golden looks like my Aspen so why don’t I chew on it”. The golden was so easy going with our little monster, it just rolled over onto it’s back and proceeded to play with him. The rest of the dog area was passed through without any further adventures.

But, then came the bird section…oh no! Cessna became alert and my husband said “keep her tight” without any explanation, so I did what I could, but Cessna still managed to jump up towards a bird that was sitting on a man’s finger. Luckily my husband was prepared for this and grabbed her in time! Who knows how expensive that bird was… We kept walking and Cessna again became alert, this time instead of a bird, it was a big turtle! Cessna and Aiden were quite intrigued by this “moving rock” and stood there watching in complete amazement.

Saturday was spent entertaining my family. We had a wonderful time chatting and the time just flew by. Everyone had arrived around 3:00pm and no one left until 9:00pm which is a record for such a gathering. I guess our first attempt at entertaining the family was a success…wonder when the next time will be… The dogs were all so good and well behaved, you would never have known there were four wandering around the party room. The little ones, Biinizi (1 ½), Nevaeh (2) and Harrison (3) loved to go up and check out each of them…good boy Phoenix, even though you aren’t a huge fan of kids, you were so patient with them! After everyone had helped with the clean up and left for home, the dogs all passed out on the couch and chairs and Aiden climbed into his crate and wasn’t heard from again until 7:00am. Sunday, not a day of rest, we set off for Waterloo for a visit with our friends Jess and Jetta. After chatting for a bit and having some pizza we decided to take Cessna and Jetta to a local dog park that we’d never been to…not a great park. Jess and I stood by the entrance gate chatting while my husband walked around taking random shots of the dogs. After about a half hour or more of trying to keep the beagle looking thing off Jetta, Cessna decided it would be a good idea to get into the middle of an argument that a big yellow lab and a big unfixed golden were having…wise idea girl! Thankfully Huib was quickly there to help her out of her mess…hmmm…I wonder why none of the other dog’s owners were there to help him? Well that ended our dog park trip. The end of our long weekend was spent at Fairview Mall walking around with other puppies and their families. Even though it was 3 hours, it was probably one of the most interesting trips I’ve ever been to at a mall. We learned lots and had some good conversations. Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon!

After such a long jam packed weekend it has been decided that today will be our “day of rest”.


Down…? Down how? Down who? Where’s down? What’s down? Just give me that darn cookie wil you! Aww….the wonders of teaching a puppy new commands…

So I decided that Aiden should now learn the meaning of down. He’s got most of the other basic commands, like “sit””, “come”, “quiet”, “no”, and “stay” mind you only for a few seconds, but he’s only 12 weeks right? Well our lesson began with me getting him to sit and then tapping the floor while saying “Aiden down” and him looking at me as if to ask “what are you doing?” So I say it a few more times and he actually goes down! I tell him to stay and then reach for a treat as he jumps up in excitement…what do I do now? So…I proceed to do the same thing, this time holding the treat in my closed hand, tappling the floor in front of him and saying “Aiden down” He looks at me, looks at the hand with the treat and begins to nose my hand, ignoring the fact that I want him to do something for it. After a moment of saying “Aiden down” I decide that maybe it’s a good idea to show him what I want and proceed to take his front paws and placing him into a down…he rolls over! Okay…so what now? I give him a treat because, well he did do something that sort of resembled what I wanted and then I proceed to try the whole process again. Aiden just continues to look up at me with this expression of “why don’t you just give me that darn cookie and we’ll all be fine because I have no freaking clue what, how or who down is!”

Meanwhile, my other three dogs are doing everything I am saying in the hopes that maybe Aiden might get the clue…and saying to themselves “why isn’t she paying any attention to the fact that we’re doing what she wants?”

Finally Ready

So I finally decided that it was about time to bite the bullet and join the fad of blogging. I have tried to stay away from fads all of my life, only deciding to do things because I felt it was interesting rather than just doing it because it was cool. To prove this I will admit that I have not read all of the Harry Potter books, yes! it’s true, I have only read books 1-4. I didn’t actually read my first one until 2004 and then my last one #4 this past summer. Crazy isn’t it?

Well with all the excitement of getting a new dog guide almost 3 years ago and now beginning to foster my first puppy, I’ve decided that maybe it might just be time to start a blog. I’ve enjoyed reading other dog guide users and foster family’s blogs so why not start my own? Here goes nothing…

So Cessna and I have now been together for almost 3 years, I can’t believe how time flies. She has matured so much over the past couple of years, it is amazing the changes people notice in her, she is no longer seen as the crazy dog, but rather the dog with a mission and the dog who loves her job, but also still enjoys just letting herself go crazy at times. She has sure changed my life in many ways, not to say Phoenix wasn’t a great dog guide, but there are some areas in which Cessna is just a little better and I guess she deserves the credit. I wonder if I’ll ever figure out what motivates her to do what she does…for Phoenix it was the food and what he would get out of it, but for Cessna I just don’t know…maybe she just enjoys it? Now for our new addition, Aiden, he is our little bundle of fun and adventure. Aiden is a 12 week old yellow lab, more of a tan colour actually. He has yellowish-brown eyes with maybe even a hint of blue…a strange colour for a yellow I think… We have now had him for just over 2 weeks and have had nothing but fun. He makes us laugh all of the time with his little wrinkley face and paws that are too big for his little body. He is already 26lbs and seems to be growing by the second…I think he is going to be a big one! Our dogs seem to be adapting to him being here, Phoenix has told him the boundaries and Cessna has taught him to growl when playing…not sure if that one’s such a good lesson Cess! Aspen though seems to love him being here, I guess it helps her to not be the bottom of the totem pole like she is with the other two. She has been teaching him the polite way to play and how not to be so rough..awww, I love my golden!

Well I will sign off for now, but stay tuned for more adventures with the rulers of the house.