Beautiful Weather

The weather has been wonderful the past few days and we’ve been making sure to get the most out of it as possible, because you never know when the rain or cooler weather might return. Yesterday we took the gang out to one of the local conservation areas to run with my friend’s guide dog Jetta. The conservation area runs along side Highway #6 and also goes east towards Milton. The gang love it there because there are always tons of other dogs to go and check out In spots there is water, mostly mucky grossness, but the gang loves it!

This was Jetta and Aiden’s first time there so they were quite interested in all the sites. Aiden stayed on leash since we weren’t sure how many other dogs might be coming along the paths and our dogs tend to run up ahead. Jetta is not usually much of a dog to go off running and playing, but she seemed to love the freedom and took full grasp of it. To our astonishment she even went and played in the water, which is quite abnormal for her. Jetta’s mom is a paralympic swimmer and is both happy and sad that Jetta does not enjoy the water as she does. Jetta goes to swim meets quite often with her mom, so it is nice that she isn’t a lover of water like my Cessna who will whine and try everything possible to get in and splash around. Instead Jetta just lies on the pool deck or walks along the edge of the pool watching her mom’s every move. Jetta will be retiring at the end of August when her mom heads off to China for the Paralympics because Jetta has begun to tell her mom that she doesn’t want to do this anymore. Jetta has flown across the world and seen many cities and countries, she has attended 2 Paralympics and has attended university with her mom for five years as well. If you ever want to meet a well rounded dog then you should meet Jetta, she is a lot like Cessna, but will be turning 8 in December. Knowing Jetta has shown me that Cessna may always be her spirited self even when she gets older and this makes me smile. Cessna and Jetta are the best of buddies, so I’m not sure how Cessna will take to Jetta retiring and going to live with her mom’s parents, I guess she will adapt and learn to love the new addition.

Today we didn’t do too much, just went for a few walks around the neighbourhood to work on Aiden’s leash manners and to the Brick to see if we could find a new rug for our living room. Cessna stayed home while we were at the Brick and Aiden came with us. We didn’t find much of interest, but did grab a hamburger from their charity barbecue. Tomorrow I think we might go out to the school yard for some fetch or maybe even to the quarry near our place for a swim (not us, but the dogs). Cessna absolutely loves water and will make the most awful noises until I clip off her leash and let her go. She would swim for hours if we let her, but we have to watch the amount she swims at a time because the first summer we got her she ended up with a swollen tail – “Rudder Tail” is what the vet told us. I guess some dogs get it from swimming too much, too fast and turning too quickly. Cessna was named quite accurately, everything she does is fast, she sometimes even wishes she could fly.

Life With Dogs

Wake up at 6:30am, take Aiden and Phoenix (they can’t hold it as long as regular aged dogs) out, go back to bed for another couple of hours if lucky…wake up at 9:00am (on a good day) and the chaos of feeding begins! Scoop out a cup for Aspen, put it into her bowl with some water and move quickly before she knocks you over trying to get to her bowl before the imaginary dog beside her gets all the food…scoop out a cup of a different food for Cessna and put it into her bowl, convince her it is okay to eat and that it isn’t her, but Aiden who you are telling to back off and leave the food alone…start process again with Cessna because Aiden has again decided it is his food and not hers. Go back to the food bins, scoop out just over a cup of a different food for Phoenix and dance around Aiden and Phoenix who are trying to get seated right beside the china cabinet where you will be opening capsules of glucosamine, shark cartiledge, and cranberry supplement for Phoenix…try and walk down the hall to the food table without running into Phoenix who is twirling his way down the hall in excitement. Go back down the hall and dodge Aiden, while he tries to jump around and tell you it’s his turn to eat! Go to the living room where his food is kept, scoop out a cup and tell him to “stay” a few times…walk over to the kitchen, put some water into the dish and tell him again to “stay”…wait for a minute or so and tell him it’s okay. Go to the food table down the hall and put some fresh water into the bowl, go into the bedroom and proceed to get dressed because you know everyone will need to go out now.

Take Aspen out because she won’t go with any other dog around, she’s a golden you know! Try and convince her to “hurry up” without getting too excited or too frantic, be patient while she twirls here and twirls there and finally after twirling in a fifth spot for about 20 figure eights she finally goes! Get all excited for her when she runs back to you and you put the leash back on…of course she won’t go on leash, that just isn’t golden like! Take her in, grab another leash, put Aiden on one and Phoenix on the other while Cessna waits patiently for her turn. Walk up and down the sidewalk trying to convince Phoenix to actually walk onto the grass so he’ll go relieve himself while at the same time trying to keep Aiden calm and out of Phoenix’s way. Finally it is Cessna’s turn, she is so happy to finally be going out for a pee and you get outside and to the sidewalk and she sniffs here, sniffs there, sniffs here, paces a bit and then decides “I don’t need to go yet.” Tell her firmly to “hurry up” because you know it has been almost 10 hours since she last went, she sniffs here and sniffs there and finally to your relief she goes!!! Take out the bag, try to figure out where she started and where she ended…why do dog guides feel it is necessary to walk while pooping and watch while their blind companion tries to find it so people won’t complain. Take Cessna back inside and run to the computer or couch because you know the puppy crazies are soon going to start.

Check your e-mail, go make some breakfast and a coffee because you know it is going to be a long day…sit down at the coffee table to eat and guess what? Aspen needs to go out again! Of course she couldn’t have done both at the same time, that just wouldn’t be golden like. Put your food up on the counter grab your keys, put on your shoes and coat if needed and head out for another golden relief. Walk back and forth along the sidewalk following Aspen while she decides what spot is good for her to squat, finally after about 5 minutes she decides…this process can take double that in the winter because everyone knows that it is important to smoosh down all the snow before squatting and if it touches you then you need to find another spot to begin the smooshing down again. Get all excited with her because she has gone and come back to go on leash again, take her in and return to the kitchen to retrieve your food. Try and convince Aiden that your breakfast is not his, while attempting to finish your food quickly because you know someone will need your attention soon.

Life just wouldn’t be right if I was able to sit back and relax for more than half an hour at a time, what would I do?

It is now afternoon and time for Aiden to eat his lunch, go into the living room while telling him to “stay” and scoop out some food, dance around him while he moves closer and closer to the kitchen while keeping his bum on the floor, well he is “staying” isn’t he? Dodge Aiden while he runs to his bowl before the others can get there, wait for him to finish because he’ll soon need to go out. Grab your keys, put on your shoes, and head out the door for another trip to the sidewalk, only this time you’re with Aiden so there will be no time wasted! Go back inside, head to the computer because maybe, just maybe you’ll get more than a half hour break. Get up from the computer, make some lunch and grab the remote to watch some TV while you eat. Tell Aiden again that this is not his food and firmly tell him to lie down! The puppy crazies begin once again! It is now time to head out to the conservation area for a long walk/run or you’ll surely go insane. Good thing it isn’t raining today because the dogs really do need to burn off a great deal of energy. Grab all the leashes, poop bags and treats, head out the door and try not to lose one in the process of walking to the back. Finally, you’ve reached the conservation area and you let them all off their leashes and it’s chaos once again! Luckily Huib is there or things just wouldn’t go well because it’s hard keeping track of four dogs in all different directions when you can’t see too well. After about half an hour, Phoenix has had enough of sniffing this flower and that blade of grass so to the younger dogs dismay it is time to go home. Round them all up, put them all on their leashes and convince everyone to follow the leash towards home. Unlock the apartment door, head inside and fill up the water bowl for the third time that day. Once everyone has drank to their capacity it is time for a nap, thank God!!!

About an hour later everyone wakes up and guess what? It’s dinner time and the feeding frenzy begins. Scoop food into this bowl, that bowl, tell this one to “sit”, that one to “stay” and then once everyone is full, fill the water bowl once again. Make dinner, sit down and hope to God that no one disturbs you because you just want to eat in peace and watch some TV. Guess what? That is not going to be the case because the food has begun to digest so it is time for relief once again. Grab your keys, some poop bags and put them all on a leash because this time you want to get it done quickly. Ten minutes later you are back inside and everyone settles in for the evening. Ten o’clock comes and you are exhausted so once again you grab your keys, some poop bags and leashes so you can head out for the last relief of the day. You get undressed, put Aiden into his crate, tell Aspen that Phoenix needs his bed, move Cessna so you can get your legs under the covers and pass out only to be woken up at 6:30am again the following morning.

The life of having dogs, there is no true “my time” there is only “their time”, but of course we love them so continue our days at their leisure.

Update Finally

Aiden is now 4 months and a week old, weighing in at 40lbs! Not as big as one of my fellow fostering mom’s puppy, but still a big boy. He is doing extremely well with his learning and makes us smile every moment of the day. He now knows all of the basic commands and we are just working on getting him to do them right away rather than when he feels like doing them. He loves his treats, so we’re using them a lot, but at the same time we’re having to be careful because he sometimes gets so focused on the treat that he’ll do every single command he knows instead of just doing the one we want. I think he might have learned that one from my old boy, Phoenix, he is crazy about food and will do anything for it!

Since Aiden is doing so well on his obedience commands, we have decided to begin teaching him some tricks. So far he knows how to give “five” and is so-so on rolling over. We thought that a child might enjoy an autism assistance dog who could do tricks. Not sure what else we will teach him, but I will keep everyone up-to-date with his trick learning successes.

We haven’t been doing too many exciting things with him these days. My husband has finished school for the summer so is working a lot more. I decided to take Aiden and Cessna for a walk on my own around my neighbourhood, they did so well together! Even though Aiden was being a bit of a butt head at times, Cessna never missed a curb or obstacle, she wasn’t even the littlest bit distracted either…I’m so proud of my baby girl!

I guess the most interesting thing that has happened around here over the past couple of weeks is that my neighbour’s dog has decided it is fun to jump off her balcony. Harley is a 6 ½ year old 92lbs German Shepherd Rottie cross. They live on the 3rd floor in our building and it is about a 30 foot drop from their balcony to the ground. He did it three times and for some reason did not injure himself at all. He was a little stiff last week, but he would totally do it again if he were given the chance. They have lived here for over 6 years and not once has Harley ever tried something like this. He likes to have access to the balcony while our neighbour is away at work, but now that privilege has been removed which has made him a little pissed off. The first day she barricaded him from the balcony he tore apart her place and broke the patio door window, cutting up both sides of his face…guess he is a little claustrophobic. He has been staying with us during the day while she is away at work, but we’re slowly rehabilitating him by not picking him up until about 2 hours after she leaves and then dropping him back off at home about 2 hours before she arrives. She said he was a little pissed off when she got home yesterday, but it is definitely a positive move towards staying home for the entire day on his own again. Harley is a bit of a bad ass at times, so having him around can be frustrating, but he seems to understand that my husband and I don’t put up with much, so he has gotten into the habit of coming over and listening which is a nice change. Hopefully within the month he’ll be back to staying home alone though because having a dog his size in our 2-bedroom condo apartment along with our own dogs can be a little chaotic at times.

I got an e-mail from Aiden’s breeder last week. She still has two of Aiden’s litter mates and sent me a picture of them. Amber is the darker one on the left and Teal is the lighter one on the right. She is still waiting to find that perfect family for them, so for now she has put up a fence to keep them out of the neighbour’s yard and is working on teaching them some of the basic obedience commands. I guess Teal is a bit larger than Aiden, weighing in at 47lbs and Amber seems to be quite similar in looks to Aiden. I really do need a farm…to have other little Aiden’s running around would be so cool!

Spring Is Here!

This week has been pretty uneventful. Cessna and Aiden (16 weeks) went to the vet to get their vaccinations. Cessna got a clean bill of health and happily only had to get one needle and then some blood drawn for her heartworm test…what a brave little girl! Aiden got his final set of puppy vaccinations and also got a clean bill of health, he now weighs 35lbs! After a week of not feeling so hot, his belly is now back to normal, it’s amazing what a few days of just rice and Pepto will do. After going to the vet we headed off to visit a friend who also has a dog guide. Boise is a 4 year old black lab from GDB, a VERY big boy! Cessna and Aiden wasn’t sure what to think of Boise, he had surgery on his eye about two weeks ago and is still needing to wear his cone to protect him from scratching at it. Just imagine what it would be like to see a great dane wearing a cone on it’s head…that’s how big he is and how strange it looked. After a nice visit with my friend and Boise we headed off to dinner with another friend at Frankie Tomatoes…yummy all you can eat Italian! Cessna and Aiden did very well, just lying under the table and watching the other patrons walk by with their plates full of food.

The rest of our week has been spent working on plans for our local Purina Walk for Dog Guides and spending lots of time outside. Aiden was born in December so has never experienced the heat of an Ontario summer, did he ever get a quick lesson. We took everyone to the local school yard to play fetch each day this week so they are really beginning to enjoy the nicer weather. Aspen and Aiden are finding it a bit hard to get used to right now, but I think soon enough Aiden will adjust like Phoenix has who is also a yellow lab. Aspen on the other hand hates the summer months, being a golden she likes it as cold as possible. When Cessna and Phoenix are lifting their paws in the winter, Aspen is laying in the snow eating ice and loving it. Cessna finds it tough when it is really sunny out because her black coat just seems to draw in the heat, but she still loves her free runs no matter what the temperature.

Social Gathering At Fanshawe College

On Wednesday Aiden (15 weeks) and Cessna accompanied us on a trip to London where we attended Fanshawe College’s social gathering. It was a gathering of aboriginal students from the college and surrounding high schools, as well as some of the aboriginal community members. We missed the cultural teaching workshop in the morning, but were able to partake in the afternoon festivities. The afternoon was filled with traditional aboriginal dancing, with some people even wearing their regalia’s.

Cessna has been to several aboriginal gatherings so the noise of the drums and singing was no surprise to her, she just laid in front of me and slept. Aiden was quite curious at first, wanting to check out what was going on in the centre of the gym. After a bit though he just settled down for a nap…nothing seems to phase this little guy! There were people dressed in all sorts of regalia’s, every First Nations group has their own style and every type of regalia has a meaning.

Jingle Dress dancers are easy to spot because of the tin pieces in the shape of cones sewn carefully to their dress, as well as the jingling noise they make when dancing.
The jingle dress itself is a unique work of art. The dress, usually made of traditional buckskin is sewn in a straight fashion from sleeves to hem. Tradition states that the small metal cones, or the “Jingles” attached to the dress represent several different things. The sounds of the jingles ward off bad spirits and welcome good spirit into the dance.

The Grass dancers’ outfits of today consist of a belt, cuffs, headband and harness with a porcupine roach which adorns two eagle feathers or a set of plumes. The dancer moves his hips, arms, head and shoulders in harmony with the movement of his legs and dance steps. Dancers attempt to imitate nature, resembling the gentle swaying of grass on a windy day. Traditionally, the grass dancers were called out to the place where feasts and special events were to take place. The dancers blessed the ground while they danced in time with the beat of the drum. While the grass dancers danced, they flattened the grass with their feet in preparation for the ceremonies to take place.

The Women’s Fancy Shawl dance symbolizes the life of a butterfly. . Women’s Fancy Shawl dancers have beautifully intricate outfits. The dancer will wear a cape which is usually fully beaded. Also, they have matching leggings and moccasins, hairpieces and jewelry. Distinctive to the women’s Fancy Shawl dance is the way in which they use their shawl as adornment, delicately draping it over their bodies. It is in the movement of her body while she dances and the lightness of her dance steps that makes the butterfly come to life.

The Men’s Fancy Dance was meant for entertainment and still is today. The bright colours of the outfits rind the fast moves of the dancers provide an entertaining sight for onlookers. Men’s Fancy dancers wear two brightly coloured bustles on their backs. Some dancers choose to make their bustles out of man-made feathers while others choose eagle feathers. The dancers also wear a cape made of cloth, ribbon or are fully beaded. They also wear matching front and back aprons. In addition to their regalia, the
dancers wear porcupine head roaches, fur- leggings and bells.

There are Northern and Southern ways of dancing Women’s Traditional. Northern style is danced by remaining in one spot, lightly bouncing in rhythm with the drum. Southern style has the women slowly and gracefully walking around the Circle in time with the drum, gently stepping toe-heel, toe-heel with the feet appearing to “walk on clouds”. Both styles carry a fringed shawl folded over their bent left arm, a purse in their left hand, and a feather fan, usually eagle or hawk, in their right hand. The women hold themselves tall and proud, their bodies straight. The fringe on the shawl is to sway naturally with the movements of the women’s feet, not from upper body bending or swinging. The fan is raised in salute when the women hear the drum giving honor beats. At all times, the dancers are to stay in time with the drum and stop precisely when the drumming ends. The ladies wear knee-length beaded moccasins, leggings, and either a bucksin or cloth dress that has long, open sleeves. There are two styles of buckskin dress; once again, Northern and Southern. The Northern style is to completely bead the shoulder or cape part of the dress, whereas, the Southern style uses beadwork mainly as an accent. Also in bucksin regalia, the moccasins are either fully beaded (Northern) or accent-beaded (Southern).

Men’s Traditional dancers were an eagle feather bustle as part of their outfit. This dancer’s regalia is quite beautiful with colourful beadwork and a roach as a headpiece. Through his dance moves and steps the dancer tells a story of heroic battles or successful hunting trips.

Attending aboriginal gatherings such as Pow Wows is one of the highlights of my summer. I grew up knowing very little about my mother’s heritage, but as I grew older and was able to read about everything, I began to involve myself in my Ojibwe culture.

Trip To Elmira

Yesterday Cessna, Aiden and I accompanied a few other foster moms and their puppies to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. I’ve never seen so many people in a small area (or what seemed like a small area) before! We had to weave our ways in and out of the crowds that filled the walkways and sidewalks. There were tons of vendors with food and merchandise. Cessna did an amazing guiding job, not walking me into one thing or one person the whole entire day…way to go baby girl! Too bad you weren’t a little taller though because then we might not have gotten momentarily separated from the grou…lol!

The puppies all enjoyed trying to get the various food items that had been dropped, but most were quickly removed by the fast reactions of the seasoned foster moms…thanks guys! Aiden thought it was a good idea to grab a whole napkin and eat it, but it was quickly taken out. Another time he decided to try and eat a pancake, but again it was removed successfully. Poor guy though had the runs last night, not sure what he got without all of us knowing, but he seems to be feeling better this morning…sorry monkey man for not allowing you to eat breakfast, but it’s for your own good! Did you know you can give a dog canned pumpkin when they have the runs? I didn’t, but my husband did some research on what to do with a 3 month old puppy who has the runs and learned about this interesting trick. We have opted for the fasting for 12 hours, but at least we know for another episode. When Aspen was a puppy, about Aiden’s age, she ate a corn starch bone by nyla and threw up for hours. We ended up having to take her to the vet for an afternoon of intravenous fluids, so no more corn starch bones for any of our dogs! After that day with Aspen we worry about something similar happening, but thankfully there is the internet to look up ideas for what to do.

The trip was quite exhausting for all of the puppies, including Cessna. They saw dogs of all types, people of all sorts, and even horses…Boomer, it is not necessary to bark at them, they were just giving the little kids rides you silly boy! All of us were stopped after every step we took to have people pet the puppies and ask about what they will do in the future and what our purpose was as a foster mom. I don’t think we even made it all the way through the entire place in the 4 hours we were there. Poor Cessna had to sit and watch while the puppies were all given tons of attention and treats, but she was a good sport about it. I think it must have been neat for the people walking by us to see coats of all colours and a working dog too. In our group we had: Foxy in purple (a foster for National Service Dogs), Varsity in green (a foster for Lions Foundation of Canada), Cessna in her harness, and Boomer and Aiden in their red coats (Autism Dog Services fosters). We also got a chance to meet up with 2 other NSD pups, Comet and Bo (I think), they were so well behaved. Maybe they will be able to come out on one of our future puppy adventures.

After we had all tired ourselves out we started the long trek back to the wagon to be taken to our cars. The puppies and Cessna were so exhausted that they just laid by our feet hoping no one would come near to bother them. On the car ride home Foxy and Aiden passed out and Cessna just laid in the back watching the world go by. At home Cessna and Aiden ate dinner and then crashed and never made a sound until later that night.

Trip To The Guelph Airport

On Monday Cessna and Aiden accompanied myself and Huib on a Beavers (5-7 year old scouts) trip to Guelph’s airport. Who would have ever thought Guelph would have an airport, I only ever learned of it because my friend’s boyfriend lived near it. The airport is small, only has room for smaller planes. They do mostly training, but do have some people come out and fly their own personal planes.

I sure wish we had brought our camera…maybe next time! The Beavers were so full of energy and excitement, Cessna was just lapping up all this energy…thank goodness I had a halti. We were given a one hour tour of the airport and allowed to check out a 2 seater Cessna and a 4 seater Cessna…yes, I said a Cessna! If we had only remembered our camera…we could have gotten a picture of my little Cessna sitting on the wing of a twin engine Cessna. That would have been SO cute! The woman giving the tour was quite good with the boys and good about explaining the various things they pointed out in interest. There were mostly planes used for training purposes, but there were also some neat vintage planes and some planes owned by Guelph residents. The boys thought the water plane was the coolest, they thought it would be neat to land on the water and cast a fishing line out the window.

During the tour Aiden and Cessna just walked along looking around at all the sites. Cessna was mostly interested in the Canada geese that were flying and landing in a nearby field, but Aiden thought the puddles were tons of fun to walk through…guys we were supposed to be experiencing new things, not enjoying the things we can do almost anywhere! Even though the energy level was high around them Cessna and Aiden did pretty well, not paying too much attention to everyone wanting to pet them. Maybe we’ll see if we can take you guys to another airport where we will actually remember our camera.

We ended the night by heading to Starbucks for a coffee and dessert with a friend. Cessna laid beside my chair watching the peple around her, while Aiden argued with Huib about whether he should be lying down or walking around under the table…in the end Huib won of course, I guess Aiden just got tired so curled up and fell asleep until we were ready to go home.

Having An Older Dog

With Phoenix being 11 ½ and not getting any younger I constantly find myself worrying about every little thing he does that is out of the usual. He is quite healthy for his age, only a bit of mild arthritis and pee pee accidents when he gets overly excited, but nothing more than that. But, I still find my mind wandering when I lay in bed trying to sleep wondering if I can handle the day he needs to cross over that Rainbow Bridge. I have had Phoenix for almost 10 years now and he is really my first pet which I raised on my own. I got him as a dog guide on July 23, 1998 at 10:00am and even though I had had a dog guide for a short time before him I fell in love with Phoenix right away.

My first dog guide and I really never truly bonded, but Phoenix and I were inseparable after the second week of class. He was quite attached to his trainer when I first received him, but after two weeks of being together he became my yellow shadow and has never let me down since. We had a great working life together, but after 7 years of a fast paced life he decided it was time for him to retire and become a pet. He decided you ask…yes, Phoenix decided to retire, he began to walk slow and do things out of the ordinary like become distracted or sniff uncontrollably. After 3 months of this I decided to ask the school to come out and tell me if I am doing something wrong or if he just isn’t interested in working anymore. After only 5 minutes of walking with us the trainer told me it was my choice, that there was nothing wrong with his guiding other than he was slow and that he seemed to have no health issues, but that they felt he would completely stop within 6 months. I asked when the next class was and was told to call and see what spots were available. I called when I got home and was informed that there was a class beginning in just over a week and that I was welcome to come in. Being a person who needs to make a decision and act before thinking too much, I agreed to come in and that is when I got Cessna.

We weren’t sure how well Phoenix would take to Cessna coming into our home and taking over some of my attention that would have usually been devoted to him, but he came to meet Cessna every Sunday I was in class and they have become the greatest buddies. Phoenix has now been retired for almost 3 years and is enjoying his time as a pet a lot. He will sometimes want to come along, but most times he will run back to the couch once I take down the harness, but the odd time he will shove Cessna and put it on himself…which makes me sad.

To get him back into semi-public life, but not as a dog guide, we have put him into the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. He along with Cessna goes to visit with residents of a long-term care home about once a week. Cessna is not as keen on the visits as Phoenix, but she does have her favourites. Phoenix will sit in front of the residents and let them pet him for as long as they want, sometimes even settling down on the floor in front for a rest.

When I sit alone with Phoenix by my side thinking about the past and thinking about what is to come, I still get tears. I know he has had a long and wonderful life, but I don’t know how life would be without my stubborn, deviant minded little buddy. He will do things to make you angry and when you get upset with him he will just wag his tail and laugh in his own way. He knows he is loved and knows who is boss, but still has to test the waters every once in a while. My husband, Huib, and Phoenix still fight over who’s boss, but in the end Phoenix tells him that it is me and then him followed by Huib.

When that dreadful day comes and Phoenix must say good-bye I will keep this poem in mind:

I’m still here

I stood beside your bed last night
I came to have a peek
I could see that you were crying
You found it hard to sleep
I whined to you softly
As you brushed away a tear
“It’s me, I haven’t left you,
I’m well, I’m fine, I’m here.”
I was close to you at breakfast
I watched you pour the tea
You were thinking of the many times
Your hands reached down to me
I was with you at the shops today
Your arms were getting sore
I longed to take your parcels
I wish I could do more
I was with you at my grave today
You tend it with such care
I want to reassure you
That I’m not lying there
I walked with you toward the house
As you fumbled for your key
I gently put my paw on you
I smiled and said “It’s me.”
You looked so very tired
And sank into a chair
I tried so hard to let you know
That I was standing there
It’s possible for me to be
So near you everyday
To say to you with certainty
“I never went away.”
You sat there very quietly
Then you smiled, I think you knew
In the stillness of that evening
I was very close to you.
The day is over…
I smile and watch you yawning
And say “Good night, God bless,
I’ll see you in the morning.”
And when the time is right
For you to cross the brief divide
I’ll rush across to greet you
And we’ll stand side by side
I have so many things to show you
There is so much for you to see
Be patient, live your journey out
And then come home to be with me

– Author Unknown –

Little Aiden Goes To The Market

Saturday afternoon we took Aiden (now 14 weeks) for his first trip to St. Jacobs Farmers Market. Before heading to the market itself we took him for a walk around the Lego Store in the Factory Outlet and he got to sit and watch some kids building race cars and see some huge lego structures like a big stegosaurus. He wasn’t phased by this at all and did all of the stairs in the mall without any issues at all. It was only 2 weeks ago when he would shy away from walking down any more than 4 stairs at a time…way to go monkey man! After briefly walking around the outlet we headed to the market where he saw 2 large horses pulling a carriage, again not phased by this at all! Meanwhile, Cessna was so excited and began to make a low barking noise at them…crazy girl, they could stomp you in one quick raise of a hoof!

While at the market we walked around the flea market and the food buildings. We were constantly stopped so people could admire Aiden, he did so well sitting without much of a reminder and remaining quite calm while everyone made baby noises at him. Why do people do that??? The only real eventful thing which happened while at the market was when a kid fell to the floor screaming when Cessna stopped in front of it to let me know something was in the way…I swear…she didn’t do anything wrong at all! It is a shame that parents don’t encourage their children to check out things at such young ages, maybe then there would be less kids freaking out about dogs and maybe even less adults doing it in the future.

The market trip was such a success that we decided to head to a nearby baseball diamond for Cessna, Aiden and another ADS foster puppy to run free. Aiden did so well with recall on his first off leash run…there will be many more of those to come, don’t worry monkey man!

Today Aiden accompanied me to the mall with a friend while Cessna caught up on her beauty sleep. He did quite well with all the crowds and didn’t pull too much, maybe he’s actually finally learning the meaning of heel? It is amazing how many people notice someone walking with a puppy/dog, all the smiles we get and the people we pass that just happen to be talking about their dog. I can’t count the number of times my friend told me someone was smiling at us while we passed by. I guess if I could see I might do the same…who knows…I’d never seen a foster puppy or guide dog before I lost my sight and got my own guide dog.

A Jam Packed Weekend

What an exhausting Easter weekend! We started our weekend off by attending the All About Pets Show at the International Centre in Mississauga and finished it off yesterday with a long, but enjoyable trip to Fairview Mall in Kitchener.

Our trip to the show was fun, but overly exhausting for Cessna and Aiden. The crowds were huge and people kept stopping us to ask about Aiden and Cessna. I have never said “please don’t pet my dog” so many times in a day, thankfully our fellow fostering friend also took the liberty of asking people to STOP! Petting Cessna! Cessna is a good girl and rarely reacts to people paying attention to her, but I still feel it is important to educate the public on the importance of ignoring her. Aiden on the other hand just couldn’t get enough attention and thanks to our fellow fostering friend my husband and I were able to continue walking while she worked her way through the swarming puppy lovers.

Our first eventful moment at the show came when we got through security and Cessna saw a St. Bernard who she felt was getting too close to me so barked and growled at it. How many times do I have to remind you Cessna that you are not a big dog so challenging a dog over twice your size is not recommended! Next we came upon the Golden Rescue booth where we stopped to chat with another fellow fostering friend and Aiden decided “oh this golden looks like my Aspen so why don’t I chew on it”. The golden was so easy going with our little monster, it just rolled over onto it’s back and proceeded to play with him. The rest of the dog area was passed through without any further adventures.

But, then came the bird section…oh no! Cessna became alert and my husband said “keep her tight” without any explanation, so I did what I could, but Cessna still managed to jump up towards a bird that was sitting on a man’s finger. Luckily my husband was prepared for this and grabbed her in time! Who knows how expensive that bird was… We kept walking and Cessna again became alert, this time instead of a bird, it was a big turtle! Cessna and Aiden were quite intrigued by this “moving rock” and stood there watching in complete amazement.

Saturday was spent entertaining my family. We had a wonderful time chatting and the time just flew by. Everyone had arrived around 3:00pm and no one left until 9:00pm which is a record for such a gathering. I guess our first attempt at entertaining the family was a success…wonder when the next time will be… The dogs were all so good and well behaved, you would never have known there were four wandering around the party room. The little ones, Biinizi (1 ½), Nevaeh (2) and Harrison (3) loved to go up and check out each of them…good boy Phoenix, even though you aren’t a huge fan of kids, you were so patient with them! After everyone had helped with the clean up and left for home, the dogs all passed out on the couch and chairs and Aiden climbed into his crate and wasn’t heard from again until 7:00am. Sunday, not a day of rest, we set off for Waterloo for a visit with our friends Jess and Jetta. After chatting for a bit and having some pizza we decided to take Cessna and Jetta to a local dog park that we’d never been to…not a great park. Jess and I stood by the entrance gate chatting while my husband walked around taking random shots of the dogs. After about a half hour or more of trying to keep the beagle looking thing off Jetta, Cessna decided it would be a good idea to get into the middle of an argument that a big yellow lab and a big unfixed golden were having…wise idea girl! Thankfully Huib was quickly there to help her out of her mess…hmmm…I wonder why none of the other dog’s owners were there to help him? Well that ended our dog park trip. The end of our long weekend was spent at Fairview Mall walking around with other puppies and their families. Even though it was 3 hours, it was probably one of the most interesting trips I’ve ever been to at a mall. We learned lots and had some good conversations. Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon!

After such a long jam packed weekend it has been decided that today will be our “day of rest”.