The 17th Round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

so here they are, the submissions for the 17th round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival.

First, let’s go visit Briony and Rigby over at Briony Waffling and take a look at their post titled There’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk. In her post, Briony reflects upon her relationship with her former guide Lilo, and the things she wishes she could go back and change.

Over at Life Unscripted, Blindbeader writes about her initial expectations of her guide dog, Jenny, and how their relationship never truly worked out until she realized that aiming for perfection wasn’t the way to go. You’ll find all this in her post, I Expected Too Much and Was Let Down…

Now it’s time to check out What Happens if You’re Sick? In this entry, Canadianlynx talks about an issue she’s never really considered with previous guide dogs, how do we ensure our bond with our dog isn’t affected and how do we make sure their work stays intact when we’re ill?

Now it’s time to go visit Carin and Tansy over at vomit Comet. In her post, A Public Apology to Trixie, Carin apologizes to her former guide, Trixie, for not retiring her sooner and for ignoring all of the signs she now knows Trixie was giving her.

Over at The Average Blog By An Average Blogger, Tori and Ushi share their post titled Why Did I Let You Stop. In her post, Tori talks about Ushi’s habit of stopping for no reason and how she wishes she had done something to end the behaviour before it had become a habit.

Let’s go visit Flo over at A Mutt and His Pack. In a post titled I Hate Pink, Flo regrets buying Keeper a pink vest for working. Even though Flo sees the pink gear as a “pebble in the shoe,” Flo doesn’t want to buy another vest until necessary.

In her post, I Will Not Regret the Past Except for the Purpose of This Post, Ro reflects upon her choice to not go on a forest walk with Jayden while still in class.

Finally, we have my submission called Looking Back. In this post, I talk about my former dog guide, Phoenix, and the regrets I carry.

Boy, was this topic intense. Pouring our hearts out, talking about our regrets.

thank you everyone for your submissions, and for helping me promote the carnival itself. The next round will take place over at Gentle Wit in the fall.


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