Suzanne Clothier

After finishing Jean Donaldson’s book, I needed something a little softer, so I picked up Bones Would Rain From The Sky by Suzanne Clothier.

In this book, Clothier describes her life with dogs and other animals. She starts out talking about when she was young and wanted to be a dog and then moves on to share some experiences she has had with her own dogs and the dogs of clients. She describes some of the important lessons she learned from the various dogs she has met and shares some stories about times when she felt she wasn’t the best listener or guardian for her dogs.

Even though this book did not give me ideas on how to teach this or that to my dogs, it reminded me that a dog’s life is short and they live in the moment, so to make the most of every second we have together. Clothier’s book taught me to always make sure I had no regrets and that if I did, that I made sure to resolve my guilt and move on because my dogs weren’t going to wait for me to continue kicking myself for things I couldn’t take back. She also reinforced the fact that I am not alone in my mistakes, that even she makes them.

I laughed and even cried in spots while reading this book. I really recommend everyone who shares their life with an animal or even another human check this book out. I think your relationships will only grow stronger after reading it.

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