Puppy News

We got an email this morning from the breeder at Taygold Kennels.

this is what Anne said:

“There are 2 females that I think would be suitable for you. They are both very people oriented, followed well, courageous , showing no fear of noise or sight objects, reacted well to a strange dog, showed good scenting ability, very biddable and willing to work well with people and showed no signs of stress. One is more energetic than the other.”

Looks like there is definitely a puppy for us!!

We will go meet them both on Saturday morning and then leave our girl with Anne and her dam, Abba, until Monday morning.

Since we are driving all the way to Ottawa, we have decided to do some touristy stuff and also give Rogue a chance to work in a new environment.

Stay tuned for some pictures and an introduction of our new addition.


  1. That is great. I am so excited for you. Safe travels and enjoy Ottawa. 🙂
    PS: I think I will try to find that second book you just wrote about.

  2. BS’D
    Congrats! I’m looking forward to hear everything about your new furry addition to the family! 🙂 Bon voyage! <3

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