Wyoming Trip: Lazy Day

Today was a pretty lazy day. the snow continued to come down during the night, so by the time we all woke up, there was over a foot.

we had planned to do some work around the neighbourhood, but the streets were covered with deep snow drifts, so Robin decided we would do some Level 1 behaviours (sit, down, zen, come and target) with the dogs in the kitchen instead of trying to work in the snow.

Robin and I brought Rogue and Sherman into the kitchen to work while Heidi Ho Ho, their 1 year old Cavalier, stayed in her crate. During the session, rogue was performing her behaviours slower than I wanted, so Robin suggested I ask for something else, don’t reward it and then ask for another behaviour and if she does it, then she told me I should give her a treat. Robin also suggested some posture changes because I am really bad about bending over Rogue instead of just squatting or doing something to get down to her level. Robin also showed me how to ensure rogue can look into my eyes, even though I cannot see her do it.

After we were done training with the dogs, Robin took me for a tour of her basement where I got to see her grooming tools, extra crates and huge bin full of gear that she no longer used. She gave me a Mrs. Claus suit for Rogue. a puppy sized harness, a slightly bigger harness, inexpensive saddle bags and 2 small baskets she made herself. It was really neat to check out all of the gear she has packed away.

After lunch, I talked to a friend, while Robin and Bill napped – Last week really exhausted them!

At about 3:30pm, we headed to Robin’s chiropractor where I had rogue lie quietly under my chair in the waiting room while Robin had her treatment done. After the chiropractic appointment, we drove over to Sam’s Club, where I bought a gift for a friend and ill picked up some food.

Around 7:00pm, Robin’s band members came over to practice. Robin plays the cello, while her other band members play the fiddle, bag pipes and some kind of drums. It was really cool to listen to them. Everyone is so awesome, especially Robin.

After robin’s band members had left, we chatted a lot. We talked about bill’s military work. We talked about politics. and, we talked about dog training.

robin wants to do some orientation work with the overly rounded curbs around her neighbourhood. She feels that it is necessary for me to be able to learn when my dog is curving for a reason versus curving to avoid an obstacle. She said that when she was at Guide Dogs for the Blind, getting her second dog, that her trainer did a lot of work with her on position, body language and position.

It was a really lazy day, but judging from how exhausted both Robin and Bill looked, I think it was necessary.


  1. Maybe Rogue needed the “lazy day” too. 🙂 The cello is such a cool instrument.

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