Guess Who’s Visiting!!

Aiden sitting beside Brooke at Home Depot. Aiden is a 6 year old fox red lab. He is wearing his red working vest with a black martingale collar and red leash beside Brooke's blue denim clad legs.

Aiden, our first foster puppy from Autism Dog Services, is here for 11 days!!

Aiden and Canyon are attempting to smother Brooke. I'm sitting on a dark brown leather couch and the boys are both smothering me with kisses.

Aiden arrived Sunday afternoon with his doggie cousins skye and Bailey. Skye is Rogue’s half sister, they have the same sire, she’s just a year older. Skye was once an ADS foster puppy, but wasn’t quite cut out for the job. Bailey wasn’t ever a foster puppy, she’s always been just a loveable pet.

Bailey and Aiden lie at opposite ends of a tan and brown couch. Bailey is a pure white female lab with a black nose and black eye liner wearing a light pink and brown collar.


  1. Holy crap Aiden looks old! I can’t believe it!!! Isn’t he only 6?

    • Brooke, Cessna, Canyon & Rogue says

      Yeah, he turned 6 on December 23rd.

      He has honestly not changed much, maybe in looks, but he’s still as goofy.

      I forgot how tall, long and broad he is. Rogue looks tiny beside him.


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