Partnership Differences

I know the chances are extremely slim that it would have happened, but if Phoenix was still with us, he would have turned 17 this week.

Knowing this has gotten me thinking about the differences in the partnerships I have with Cessna and Rogue, and had with Phoenix.

Each dog has their own unique personality and working style.

Cessna is an amazing worker, but if there’s a squirrel nearby, she’s also a serious critter chaser. but, no matter how distracted she gets, her work is always spot on.

Phoenix was too serious about his work. If he thought something wasn’t safe, then he’d flat out refuse to move. One day it took me 15 minutes to convince him to climb over a snow bank that was blocking our path. Phoenix knew his job was to keep me safe, so he felt it was necessary to keep following the sidewalk until he found an opening he could get me through to cross the road. the only problem was, there were no openings, it had just snow ed and the snow removal people hadn’t gotten around to clearing pedestrian walkways.

Rogue is still in the training process, but already I am seeing similarities between the way she works and Phoenix’s work ethic. If Rogue isn’t sure something is safe, or certain that she is doing what I want, she’ll stop walking and sit down until I explain the request again.

Cessna is a solid worker, but Phoenix and Rogue seem much more serious about their job.

At home, Cessna rarely cuddles with me or follows me around the house. She’d much rather spread out on the couch for a nap or chase squirrels in the backyard.

Phoenix was my yellow shadow. Wherever I was, he was not far behind. If I was sitting on the couch, Phoenix was lying beside me with his head in my lap. if I was doing dishes, he was lying by my feet or a few feet behind.

Rogue is almost an extension of me. the second I move, she’s up and ready to follow. if I’m working on my laptop, Rogue is lying right against me. if it were possible, I think Rogue would climb inside my body.

Other then her bad habit of counter surfing while we’re gone, Cessna could care less about being left behind.

Phoenix went nuts when I left him. it didn’t matter who was with him, he did not like being away from me.

Rogue is not even close to as bad as Phoenix, but she still does not like being left behind. She’ll frequently look out the window to see if I’m coming back, and she’ll whine if she sees me and cannot get there.

Thinking about the differences between my partnerships with Cessna, Phoenix and rogue, I really wonder if maybe a good working dog needs a certain level of separation anxiety…


  1. You might be on to something there. Jetta worked well for me, but she could care less if I left-very Cessna-like in her habits. Glacier…well, who knows what was going on in that guy’s big head LOL, but my new girl sounds more like Mr. Phe and Rogue. She doesn’t like to be separated from me and whines too. It’s the first time I’ve had that and she and I seem to work the best together. I thought it was because she was crossed with Golden Retriever, but you have me thinking. 🙂 Hug your guys from me; especially that non-snuggley Cessnaroo. 🙂

  2. BS”D
    Sadly, I don’t Think my first comment Went through so now, I need to remember what I was thinking before. Okay. Actually, I Think you can be right! Hera hates when I leave her, she Waits by the door or mess up something to show me that she’s unhappy with my treatment of her. She isn’t the dog who jumps into the harness but when she’s working she wants to do her best. Sniffing and eating things have started to become a bigger problem tough. she has been a sniffer since I got her but I Think she’s more extreme now. Anyhow, her breathe isn’t the freshest either so I’m thinking of changing food, maybe it can help with the eating too? The Foods my school recommends don’t look the best tough, Purina Pro Plan (Hera is on Stereolised now and have been since I got her.), Hill:s, Royal Canin and Eukanuba. I would love a more ‘natural’ food but I can’t go the raw food path since Hera and I are travelling a lot both in Sweden and Europe. I’ve read about Acana, is it good? I would love a food which is ‘chametz’ free and some of their foods are that! My school recommends food for stereolised dogs but I don’t Think that’s nessicery? Right now, she’s wighing 24,4 kilogrammes and the school’s veterinary wants her to wigh over 25 kg whilst her trainer wants her to wigh over 26 kg whilst my veterinary Thinks she looks fabulous and that she wouldn’t look bad if she wighed around 23 kg. *Sigh* Okay, any ideas from you who knows more about dog food than I…
    Nadja & Hera

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