Call For Submissions

***ATTENTION PLEASE! ruled by paws was down for a bit this afternoon/evening, so I have decided to extend the submission deadline to October 31st at midnight***

Welcome to the 13th round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival!

The topic for this round is “lessons”.

Rogue and I are nearing the end of her initial guide training, of course training will continue, and I’ve had to work through a lot of minor problems that ended up being my fault. I had unintentionally taught Rogue to do things in a way that I am now trying to stop.

* Are there things you’ve taught your service dog that make you really proud?
* Have you unintentionally taught your service dog something?
* Is there something you’ve learned from your service dog?
* Is there something you’ve learned from another service dog or their person?

The sky’s the limit with this topic, so please share some “lessons” – We’re all ready to learn!

The deadline for submissions is October 30th at 7:47pm. You’re probably wondering why I’ve chosen this date and time, it’s because it’s Cessna’s birthday!!

Once your submission is ready, please comment on this post with:
1. Your name;
2. the name of your blog;
3. The name of your submission; and
4. the URL relating to your submission.

If for any reason you require a bit longer to write your entry, just let me know.



  1. My name is L-Squared
    My blog is just called L-Squared.Org
    My post’s title is “Trust Your Dog”
    And the URL for it is:

  2. Name: Flo
    Blog: A Mutt and His Pack
    Title: “Do what you can…”

  3. Name: Karyn and Thane
    Name of Blog: Through a Guide’s Eyes
    Url of Blog:
    Name of Post: Lessons Through Healing
    Url of Post:

  4. Name: Sharon Wachsler
    Name of blog:
    Name of post: The Importance of Play

  5. Blog: In the Center of the Roof

    Post title: Carnival Post – Little Lesson

    Link to post

  6. Ok my comment sounded really odd so let me post again with no html haha.

    Name: Ro

    Blog: In the Center of the Roof

    Post: Carnival Post – Little Lesson


  7. name of blog: house of insanity and opinions.
    note: opinions there most certainly are.
    blog URL:
    post title: carnival post — lessons learned.
    post URL:

  8. Hiya!
    1. Your name: Frida Writes
    2. the name of your blog: Frida Writes
    3. The name of your submission: Lessons from Others
    4. the URL relating to your submission:

    Sorry I took a while–I also wanted to transcribe the action in a couple of videos when I got a chance.

  9. Okay, I’ve been neglectful. But I have been working on a piece for this round of the carnival. I hope to have something later tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. Still time to get in? Thanks, if so, in advance!

  10. 1. Name: patti brehler
    2. Name of blog: plays with puppies
    3. Name of submitted blog post: “Not just for puppies…”
    4. URL:

  11. 1. Your name; Patty Aguirre
    2. the name of your blog; Shai Ezer-Helper Beside Me
    3. The name of your submission; Lessons from Rani on Counter Surfing:
    4. the URL relating to your submission.

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