Cessna’s Thyroid Levels

Cessna has been on Levo-Thyroxine, a thyroid medication, for almost 4 weeks, so I thought I’d do a bit of an update.

At her annual checkup in June, we learned that Cessna has Hypothyroidism. We weren’t overly surprised to find this out. Cessna will be 10 in October and labs are prone to Hypothyroidism. In addition, we’ve noticed some changes that had us a bit suspicious:

* Cessna is 4lbs heavier than I’d like, and we’ve been struggling to get the excess weight to go away;
* Cessna has begun to shed more than usual;
* Cessna seems to have less energy than usual, but we also thought she was just aging; and
* Cessna had begun coughing and clearing her throat a lot in March and it seemed to be getting worse.

Within a few days of starting the medication, Cessna was no longer coughing and clearing her throat. Dr b says that labs are known to get some sort of condition with Hypothyroidism where there is some level of paralysis in the larynx. She said that the condition is reversible with medication, but that the chances of full recovery depends upon how long it has been going on. Since Cessna had only had the issue for a few months, she fully recovered. Added to this, Cessna seems to have more energy, is beginning to lose the excess weight and her coat seems healthier.

She is currently taking half a milligram daily, split into two doses. We had her thyroid levels checked on Wednesday and were told that they are at a good number, so for now, she’ll remain on the same dose.

This coming wednesday, Cessna will be having a few teeth extracted, so I’m hoping that she’ll recover quickly with her thyroid levels being normal.

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