Canyon, the Grocery Helper

Canyon and I walking back from the grocery store. Canyon has his red and black drafting harness on and is pulling his red and wood cart that has a shopping bag inside containing a loaf of bread and package of pork chops. I'm wearing a dark purple tank top, black shorts, black leather sandals. a light pink baseball cap that has a horse embroidered in white on the side and black Oakley sunglasses. I'm holding a black leather leash that is attached to the front of Canyon's harness.

Canyon has a new job. He’s our grocery helper.

We are hoping to get him ready for a drafting trial in October, so have gotten his cart out. He is always wanting to go places with us, so we thought we’d hook him up to his drafting cart and walk over to the grocery store for a couple of things. It’s important to have a balanced load, so we started out really light. Canyon is also just getting back into drafting, so he needs to get used to turning, backing up and pulling the cart before we start adding too much weight.


  1. soooooooo cool! Yay Canyon! 😀

  2. BS”D
    Oh, so cute! <3

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