When tug Of War Goes Too Far

At approximately 7:50pm on Monday, April 8th, 2013, a 65 year old man came upon the mutilated body of one, Mr. Big Buddy, in the middle of the kitchen. After checking to make sure the unknown suspect was gone, he called authorities.

when questioned by the lead investigator, he said: “I had been playing Spacecraft on my computer and had come into the kitchen to make a tea, when I discovered Mr. big buddy lying face-down near the table. I went over to see if I could help him, but was horrified to discover a gigantic hole in the side of his face, as well as, multiple wounds that appeared to be bite marks”.

When asked if he had noticed anything nearby, he said: “I saw several clumps of white fluff spread throughout the kitchen, living room, and leading into the master bedroom”.

when asked if he had seen anybody in the area, he said: “I’m not completely sure, but I think I remember seeing a medium coloured male golden retriever and young female red lab running into the master bedroom”.

Investigators canvassed the area, and were able to locate the two potential suspects.

when questioned by investigators, the male retriever refused to make a statement, but glared accusingly in the direction of the young female lab, who lied down and pretended to nap.

the investigation into the brutal murder of Mr. big buddy will continue, but for now, his body has been placed into the trash can for proper disposal.


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    Awesome! I loved reading this, very funny!

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