R.I.P. Ms. Gingy

At approximately 2:43pm on Friday, March 1st, 2013, the mutilated body of Ms. Gingy, was found by a man in his early thirties under a bed.

When questioned by investigators, the man said: “I had the day off, so decided to do a bit of cleaning. while sweeping the master bedroom, I swept up the lifeless, mutilated body of Ms. Gingy”.

When asked if he saw anything out of place or noticed any witnesses, he offered the following pictures:

A small brown female gingerbread lays on the floor. she has a laceration to her front. Her pink scarf is tied tightly around the upper portion of her neck.

Exhibit A

The small gingerbread lady is lying on her stomach and there is a large hole in her back.

Exhibit B

A close-up of the small gingerbread lady's lower half. You can see a hole where her bum would be.

Exhibit C

Investigators will continue their search for clues, but feel as though they have identified their suspect.

Canyon lies with the little gingerbread lady between his paws.

He Says He’s Innocent…


  1. It wasn’t me 🙂

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