The Mystery Thickens…

At approximately 2:00pm on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013, a severed leg was discovered by a 22 month old red Labrador Retriever. Shocked by the gruesome discovery, she immediately brought the tiny leg to her human.

When asked where she had made the discovery, the young lab pointed in the direction of the bedroom, but couldn’t manage anything further.

When investigators arrived at the scene, nothing seemed out of place. Each stuffed animal appeared to have all of its limbs and no other evidence could be obtained.

When the other residents of the home were questioned, no one was able to provide any further information.

the evidence has been placed into the sewing box.


At approximately 6:04am on Thursday, February 28th, 2013, a woman in her early thirties stepped on a pile of soft material. Not being able to fully identify the discovery, she called her husband over for assistance.

When questioned by investigators, the husband described the scene: “My wife and I had just woken up. I was heading into the kitchen, when my wife called me back to see what she had stepped on. When I arrived by her side, I saw a pile of white stuffing, but could not see anything or anyone nearby.”

After questioning the other residents of the home, investigators combed through the mound of toys owned by the canine occupants, but were unable to find the owner of the stuffing.

Puzzled, investigators placed the evidence into the sewing box.

Investigators hope the public will be able to shed some light upon these two cases of senseless brutality.


  1. Oh god i thought you were serious there lol! I’m glad it’s just a toy though. The amount of toys needing surgery here is chronic! Usually ushi is so careful, but occasionally things need surgery. A crocodile up at my uncles had it’s throat cut last week! Xx.

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