Let The Countdown Begin!

On thursday, we met with the Assistant Director of Nursing at Riverside Glen in Guelph, where Huib will be working. We wanted to clarify some details and get an idea of what their expectations were of Huib before giving them the “Okay”.

After that, we went to Stone Road Mall to work with Rogue a bit before lunch at Swiss Chalet. Rogue was pretty good at keeping a somewhat loose leash while we walked around the mall. She found every door without an issue, located most snow covered curbs on the second attempt and got on and off escalators without a problem. I think she’ll be wearing boots for the first little while on escalators. I want to avoid paw injuries, if possible.

After lunch, we went to see the first of two houses available for rent in guelph. The house was okay. the neighbourhood was a little rough and the house was a bit small, but we felt it would work if needed.

We then returned to the mall for some more training and to purchase some new winter boots for me. My old boots had developed holes, so I bought an Ivory and light grey pair of Columbia brand boots.

We finished at the mall a bit early, so we drove to an old quarry near our former condo building and let Rogue run around for an hour while we walked along behind her. This is probably the first time she’s ever had the chance to run free without one of our other dogs. she was perfect. She played with a border collie mix and checked in with us frequently.

At 4:30 we went to Cambridge to see a house for purchase. The house was okay, but it was too small for our needs. I also didn’t like the fact that you could smell cat urine when you walked into the back portion of the house. It’s possible the people forgot to clean their litter, but it still bothered me. The real estate agent then checked the listings that had just come up and suggested we go into another part of Cambridge to see a different place. We liked the next one. It was a corner lot (which Huib doesn’t like), but it was a good size and it didn’t really require any work. We seriously thought about putting in an offer, but decided to go see the second rental first.

I’m really glad we did, it was amazing! The house is huge. It has four bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. the master bedroom is the same size as the living room, so in addition to Canyon and Rogue’s crates, we’ll be able to have an armchair and futon for Aspen and Cessna to use. They don’t need the furniture, but we’ve got the room, so why not? In addition to the large bedrooms, the backyard is fenced and quite big. It’s about a five minute walk from a grocery store, convenience store and coffee shop, as well as, a half hour to forty-five minute walk to stone road Mall.

We decided to take it, and will move in May 1st.

We would really rather not be paying rent, but the bank wants Huib to be done the probationary period of his new job before they’ll approve us for a mortgage. So, we’ll rent for a year, and then revisit buying a house.

I can’t wait, just 66 more days of living in Northern Ontario!


  1. So exciting! I’m thrilled for you guys!

  2. Fab News – The house sounds perfect!


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