We’re moving!

Not the blog…the people 🙂

About a week ago, Huib was offered a full-time nursing position at Riverside Glen, a long-term care home in guelph. We didn’t want to tell too many people about our exciting news until he’d spoken to his current employer, so I waited to announce it here.

We’ve been wanting to move back to Guelph since last year, but we wanted to make sure Huib could get work there first. He’s been applying for jobs for a few months now and we were beginning to think we would have to stay up here until at least the fall, but then he got the call.

As long as it is okay with Riverside, Huib hopes to start working there April 1st. Housing and moving for the rest of us has been a little bit of a challenge to find right now, so he’s thinking that we’ll stay up here until the beginning or middle of May and he’ll start in Guelph, coming home in between his shifts there.

We have contacted a mortgage company and have been waiting for over a week to find out whether they’ll approve us. If the woman doesn’t get back to us today, we’re going to say “thanks for nothing” and go to an actual bank. we have saved up a sizeable amount for a down payment and Huib will be making essentially the same as he does here, so there really shouldn’t be any reason for them to refuse us – unless they want him to be done the probationary period of his new job before.

Just in case though, we’re looking at a couple of rentals on Thursday.

I’ll keep everyone posted on our moving plans.


  1. BS”D

    Congratulations! It sounds lovely to move back to a place where you felt at home! I’m looking forward to hear about every little detail! *Smiles*

    L-S <3

  2. That’s brilliant news! Can wait to hear all about the adventure…

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