Elora Gorge Show: Too Small

So the Vaseline worked! Canyon no longer did his little cantering walk, and moved perfectly around the ring.

The judge checked over both boys very thoroughly and in the end it came down to the difference in size between Canyon and the other boy. As I’ve mentioned before, Canyon is slightly smaller than most male golden retrievers, so if a judge has to look to the breed standard for their decision, then canyon always loses.

when Huib came back to where I was sitting, the woman in front of us turned and said she would have totally picked Canyon over the other male. It turns out that this woman is a golden retriever breeder, so we’ll assume she knows what she’s talking about 😉

We’re not sure what show we’ll attend next, but it’ll probably be in February or march since the weather tends to be pretty bad in January.


  1. I would have picked him too, but I may be a bit biased. 😉

  2. I would have picked Canyon too! like everything, movie critics, beauty pageant judges, and dog show judges- it is mostly a matter of opinion and preference- one reason I stay away from all there, ha! Maybe you can get the standards altered- it’s a thought, wonder if it is possible. Anyhow- Canyon has my vote~ Have a happy new year to all and many “wins” in 2013

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