Elora Gorge Show: No Excuses

Today was the first day of the Elora Gorge Kennel Club’s conformation dog show.

Canyon competed against one other male in the Canadian Bred Dog category and lost.

officially, he received second place, but it really doesn’t count for much when there’s only two dogs in the ring lol!

We’ve got no excuses for the loss, Canyon just wasn’t any good today.

He showed well and did his thing perfectly, but he had a bit of a wobbly gait thing when Huib tried to walk a bit quicker than usual with him – it made it look as though he had a limp. Huib felt it through the leash so tried walking the pattern again at a slower (the normal) pace and Canyon was completely fine – but it was too late, the judge had already seen the weird gait thing. Other dogs seemed to have some oddities to their gaits at times too, which makes us wonder if it had to do with the carpet (usually the ring has a mat).

But, the fact is, Canyon wasn’t good enough today.

Hopefully we’ll have better luck tomorrow though.

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