Orangeville Show: Still Not White Enough

In a previous post, I mentioned that we had entered Canyon into the Caledon Kennel Association’s conformation dog show in Orangeville.

Today was the first of three days.

There were ten males and about nine females entered today. Canyon was the only male entered into the Canadian Bred category, so he was immediately awarded first place lol! He then went on to compete for Winner’s Dog. He competed with two other males and we don’t truly know what he ended up with because of a mix-up in communication between the judge and Huib, but we do know he didn’t get first place, so he wouldn’t have gone on to compete anymore today.

Like our last three shows, Canyon was the darkest male of them all. I don’t truly understand why the white/cream coloured golden retrievers keep winning, when that is not a golden, but they do and it’s kind of frustrating.

Tomorrow we have a different judge, and my friend Amy is taking a turn at showing Canyon, so we’ll see how he does.

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