Orangeville Show: Canyon…Don’t Sit…

Today was day two of three at the Caledon Kennel Association’s conformation dog show.

My friend Amy showed Canyon today, and we’re not sure why, but Canyon decided it was a good idea to keep sitting whenever they stopped moving. For those who do not know, sitting in the show ring is frowned upon. It is not a disqualification, but if the other dog is similar to your dog, then your dog will almost definitely end up last because of their sitting.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll have better luck…

On another note, both Canyon and Rogue passed their Canine Good Neighbour tests. The CGN is the Canadian Kennel Club’s equivalent to the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test.

We were a little shocked at hearing they both passed, but in their defence, they were both really well-behaved, so I’m not really surprised lol!

the tester had me walk around with each of them (one at a time). We did figure eights, left turns, right turns, full circles, etc. She had us stop and talk to her while she casually pet our dog, then she had us touch different areas (in their mouth, their paws, their back ends) and run a comb along their back a few times. Then she had several people come into the area and pretend they were a crowd so we could maneuver through the people. Then we had to have them in either a sit or down stay while we went to the end of their leash and then called them to us. We had to also put them into a down or sit stay and walk away and then call them to us. She had a random dog owner come in and walk their dog around while we just stood in the middle with ours and then she had a child come and bounce around us to see what the dogs would do. Then she had us show her that we could keep our dogs under control going through a door, having them sit and wait until we called them through. Finally, she had someone hold our dog’s leash and we had to leave the area and hide for a set amount of time and then return. Huib was my guide and I first did the test with Rogue and then with Canyon. Other then going to the end of their leash once in a while, at which point I’d stop and wait for them to return to my side, they really didn’t do anything unusual.

Now we work towards doing their novice rally-obedience or novice obedience title.


  1. Maybe he was confused as to what Amy was doing and was waiting for Huib to come into the ring with him?
    I have been meaning to tell you. Canyon would do well in shows over here because all of the Goldens I’ve seen here are just like him..shorter, stockier…fluffier and darker. The Brits would like him. LOL

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