Farewell Our Berner Friend

I have some sad news to share.

Our friend Jesse of Berner Tails, has left to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Jesse had been ill for a while. he had eaten something that his stomach did not agree with and the vet could not figure out how to help him.

Please take a moment and give his blog a visit.


  1. so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend

  2. thank you for the wonderful post. i do need to clerify one thing. jesse became ill having eaten something, a common problem with my guy, in treating him we found that he had many cancerous nodes covering his liver, spleen, and pancreas. nothing close to the surface that would have given us a heads up. a biopsy proved this to be lymphoma, which is why a simple tummy upset became serious. all this occured over a week’s time. we decided to let jesse journey to the next path of his soul with dignity. our vet was perfect in his care of jesse. he knew what the problem was before the labs and tests were confirmed, he just prayed it was not true. margeaux-

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