Fall In Muskoka

Canyon sits in an over-sized Muskoka chair.  He's looking over to his left.

Cessna sits in the grass with leaves.  You can see the slightly moss covered bedrock rise up behind her.

Rogue stands in a very large Muskoka chair.  The chair is painted white.  She's looking towards the camera and licking her nose.

Aspen stands on a lawn covered in leaves.  You can see a forest in the background.  The trees have mostly yellow and red leaves on them.


  1. nice….. we loved the fall, one of jesse’s favorite things to do was run through a pile of leaves…he liked the rustling sounds they made. happy season

  2. Finally remembered to respond to your comment (gotta love short term memory issues). I really appreciate hearing about your husband and Canyon! It is great to hear from other owner handlers and get encouragement from them 🙂

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