Oakville Show: Not this Time…

Today was the first of two days for Canyon at the Oakville & district Kennel Club Show.

Even though Canyon showed flawlessly, the judge didn’t feel he was as good as the other two lighter coloured males competing for Winner’s Dog.

The dog who earned first place, was from the same breeder as the one who won several times at Canyon’s first ever show in December.

Prettiriver Bluenoser Ambercroft, went on to compete for Best of Breed, but was only awarded Best of Opposite, losing to a lighter coloured female.

Maybe Canyon did something wrong that Huib didn’t notice, but from the results, I’d lean more towards the judge liking lighter coloured golden retrievers (and maybe it helped that the other two males had their whiskers plucked?).

tomorrow is a new day, so let’s hope for some different results 🙂


  1. That has to be so hard going into shows nowing that the judges are biased against the true goldens. IMO those cream colored ones need to be shown separately of the golden- goldens if jusdges are going to be that biased where show after show they choose the white and cream dogs as winners all the time.
    It takes a lot of patience I bet to continue showing, trying to earn points like you do, when you know it could take so much longer for Canyon to earn his status all because of the color of his coat.
    I’m so sorry but hope you are enjoying your time away doing this with him

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