Oakville Show: Just A Little Too Small…

Today was the final day of showing.

Even though he didn’t end up winning, I’d say this weekend’s show was the best canyon has ever shown. He just seemed to know what he had to do, and did it with such grace.

As I mentioned in the last entry, the other males and females at the show were lighter, so Canyon came in last yesterday (being the darkest of all entries).

Today’s judge though, had a lot of trouble selecting his winning male, so ended up resorting to the breed standard and Canyon lost because he was slightly smaller. Huib says the judge made his final decision after taking a long time to really measure and feel the boys for shoulder height and width.

I found this show to be one of the friendliest we’ve ever attended. We heard people congratulating other competitors. Random people came up to us to ask about Canyon, and to learn more about Rogue. I even had a Leonberger come over and climb into my lap…lol!

I think the point at which I truly knew how well Canyon had shown, was when a professional handler we didn’t know, came up and asked about him and then gave Huib one tip. he said that they had looked really good in the ring, but that he should try having Canyon hold his tail a little lower. there were no suggestions on grooming changes. No suggestions on stacking better. He just suggested that he shouldn’t hold his tail so high…

Usually we take Canyon for a long hike, or play a really long game of fetch before his bath, but this past weekend had been quite rainy, so it wasn’t possible to tire him a bit – maybe next time 🙂

Unless we find an earlier show that interests us, Canyon won’t show again until the end of November 🙂

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