Happy Birthday Huib!

Today was Huib’s birthday 🙂

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Huib really isn’t into receiving gifts or having people make a fuss over him.

This year, I decided to ignore his birthday moodiness, and do just that…

since we were away in Oakville, I was able to ask my friend to help me pick up Huib’s birthday present, and get an apple pie (he doesn’t like cake) and some vanilla ice cream.

When my friend came into the living room with the apple pie, I think he was surprised.

But, when she brought the gift bag with gifts and laid it beside him on the couch, I know he was visibly upset. I was so unimpressed and annoyed by his reaction, but tried to make light of his attitude so that my friend and her daughter wouldn’t feel the tension.

My Dad and I bought Huib an iPad, and my friend and her daughter got him a case for it.

He is still a little upset with me, but hopefully he’ll get over it sooner than later.

Happy 33rd Birthday Hyper!

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