Book #7 Of 2012

I have finished yet another book by Kathy Reichs.

“Break No Bones” is the book that comes before the last one, “Bones To Ashes”, that I wrote about in my last book update.

This book doesn’t really get into the relationship with Temperance and Andrew Ryan, but it seems to set the background for the next book in the series, where problems between them start to be exposed.

Instead, the book focuses more on the relationship between Temperance and her estranged husband, Pete. In previous books I’ve read, the reader doesn’t really see much of Pete, but in this book, we really get a glimpse into the conflicting feelings Tempe still has for him.

Even though the case Temperance has been asked to work on is interesting, I found the book a little boring without the relationship aspects that I’ve gotten used to between Tempe and Ryan.

The next book I’ve chosen to read is “Persuader” by Lee Child.


  1. I’m a big fan of the show Bones and have been wanting to read some of the books. How are you liking them?? You seem to have read several so I take it that means you’re enjoying them!

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