Sunshine Award

Oh My goodness!

We’re so, so surprised!

We were given the Sunshine Award by our friend Garth of The World According To Garth Riley

Thank You Garth!!!

There are three rules for the Sunshine Award:

1. Answer 7 questions
2. Pass it on to ten people
3. Let them know they received the award

1. What is your favorite number?

4, because that is how many of us there are.

2. What is your favorite nonalcoholic beverage?

Coffee, because Mommy, Daddy and Rogie love the stuff 

3. Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter, because Mommy gets to keep in touch with our buddies that don’t blog (our Twitter name is ruledbypaws)

4. What is your passion?

We love to play and to make everyone smile.

5. What is your favorite pattern?

Circles, because Mommy likes to watch us run in circles around one another, trying to trick the other into dropping the favourite toy of the moment.

6. What is your favorite day of the week?

Whichever day Daddy has off work. He is a nurse, so works different days each week.

7. What is your favorite flower?

We have gruber daisies and mini roses in our patio garden, so I guess we like those flowers.

Now for the 10 blogs that provide us with sunshine:

At A Glacial pace

From Sophie’s View

The Hobbit Habitat

Kol’s Notes

The Portuguese Water Blog

Life At Golden Pines

Another Tequila Sunrise


Gopher Sessions: Adventures And Experiences with A Therapy Dog

Thank you again Garth, for this wonderful award!

**Just wanted to make a quick note to say that we tried notifying everyone of their award, but some blogs have captious so we weren’t always successful – sorry**


  1. Congratulations!!

  2. You’re most welcome!!! I enjoyed your post and learning more about you! Making people smile is a wonderful thing, and you all do it well.

    your pal,

  3. Thanks guys. We spin and run in circles too. It drives Mom crazy.
    Morgan and the Porties

  4. Thanks so much for the Sunshine Award…it is the most cheerful award…don’t you think!! Love it!

  5. HELLO!!! As you know with a power outage and being out of town, I’m just getting caught up. THANK YOU for thinking of us for the award, and CONGRATS to you too!! It’s always so nice to be thought of! 🙂

    I hope your week is going well!!

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