Guess What?

Guess what?

Today is Aspen’s birthday!

Guess what?

Today, Aspen is 9 years old!

Guess what?

For her birthday, Aspen is getting some special, homemade doggie ice cream.

Aspen is not really into toys, and it is raining today, so instead of swimming, we are doing the second best thing, making food – Aspen loves food!

I can’t believe that almost 9 years ago we picked out our fluffy little golden retriever puppy.

I was about to begin my final year at the University of Guelph, and Huib was just about to start his masters in Agricultural Economics.

Aspen was 7weeks old and just over 6 or 7 pounds when we picked her up from her breeder in Hanover. She was from a litter of nine puppies, but only eight survived because one of her brothers was too large and got stuck. When we picked her up, I had not yet decided upon which of two girls I really wanted, so let Huib make the final decision.

When we arrived, Huib put his camera and a little red bandana, we’d made for our new puppy, on the ground beside him and just watched the two girls as their breeder released them. As soon as the girls were set down, one ran directly into the garden and the other darted towards Huib, grabbed the little bandana, and took off running while shaking it from side to side – he knew this was our puppy.

Since that moment, Aspen and Huib have had a bond that I could only wish to have with her. She follows him closely, listens to him perfectly, and gives me a dirty look anytime I get in the way.

Aspen might not be as talented or motivated as the others, but she has made a contribution to our lives that only she could.

She makes us smile daily.

She makes us laugh non-stop.

And, no matter what happens in our lives, Aspen is always there waiting to make it all better with a kiss on the hand, and a cuddle.

Happy 9th Birthday My Little Golden Princess.

Please don’t ever stop being you.


  1. Happy Ninth Birthday!! Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Birthday to You!!

    Hmmm doggy ice cream, that sounds lovely! Could you send my mummy the recipe cause I would love to try it.


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