Fishing With Rogue

This afternoon Huib and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take Rogue fishing. We weren’t too sure what we were thinking, taking the Rogue puppy, but we knew it would be an adventure anyways lol!

When we first arrived at the fishing destination, there was no one around, except for us. I had Rogue wear her Easy Walk Harness and then looped her leash through my belt so that I had both hands to reel in my line if I were to catch a real big fish. rogue isn’t a big swimmer, so we didn’t see an issue with her wanting to jump off the dock into the water, but we didn’t realize that she would find it necessary to talk the entire time we were out. She was either bored, or trying to call the fish, because she pretty much talked the entire three hours we were fishing – making her moans and groans and whines.

Huib was the better fisherman today, he caught two Pike and had a one and a half foot Pickerol before it became free. All I managed to do, was lose three brightly coloured lures lol!

After three hours of fishing, we had used up the worms and grubs Huib collected from our garden, so decided to pack up for the day. I’m not sure, but I think Rogue was also ready to go home.


  1. Nice fishing trip! Looks like there was some dinner!

  2. I’ve never been fishing before, but that looks like fun! Maybe Rogue was trying to call the fish?

  3. Hi Garth,
    That might be exactly what Rogue was trying to do…unfortunately, i think she was doing the complete opposite lol!

    Fishing is a lot of fun, you should ask your parents to take you sometime.

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