Forest Fire

Yesterday, around noon, a fire broke out just north of Kirkland Lake. Within a short period of time, the fire grew, and the Ministry of Natural Resources called in their water bombers.

Northeastern Ontario has seen very little rain over the past few weeks, so the forests are quite dry. As a result, there are currently around two dozen active forest fires.

Huib was working when the Kirkland Lake fire began, so had an opportunity to take some pictures from the windows of the ICU.

**I apologize for the lack of description with these pictures, but I wasn’t sure how to describe them. If anyone can do this, please leave a comment and I’ll transfer your descriptions into the image captions.**

As of the last update I heard two hours ago, the fire has consumed about 3000 hectares of the forest and is still not under control. Three areas on the northern borders of Kirkland lake are still under an evacuation order, and as long as the winds continue to cooperate the town itself is safe. The fire is about 3km outside of town boundaries, but residents have been told to pack and be ready for an evacuation order if the winds do change direction. The water bombers had to stop working on the fire early this afternoon because of a big storm, but will return in the morning to continue dropping water on the area.

We live about 30 minutes drive from Kirkland Lake so unless another fire starts near us, we’re all safe, but I still worry about the fire because Huib works literally beside it – as you can see from the pictures above.


  1. Thinking about you guys every day.

  2. Been thinking of you guys. Hope everything is okay.

  3. I hope you all are still safe! Keep us posted.

  4. hope everyone is okay and you didn’t have to breathe too much smoke.

  5. Hi All,
    thank you so much for your concern. We are still safe and the fire crews have done such an amazing job at keeping the fire from town, so some of the evacuated residents have been given the okay to return home. Things could always change, but it hasn’t grown in days and it doesn’t seem to be moving any closer to town so people are happy about that. I am really glad we moved last summer though because another fire broke out minutes from where we used to live. I think it was dealt with quickly, but it’s still a little too close for comfort.

    if things change, I will for sure post an update.

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