Chatham Show: No Good

This past weekend was the kent Kennel Club show. Even though Huib and Canyon didn’t end up gaining points, I’m quite proud of my boys.

the show venue was horrible. It was crowded and cramped. There were too many competitions going on. Not only were there dogs showing, but there were also dogs competing in obedience and rally-obedience. The rings where the show organizers had the dogs showing were poorly situated and during at least one of the three days, they had the larger breed dogs showing in a small ring, while the toy breeds were in a large one. To add to all the chaos of the small venue, Huib also found the judges themselves to be poorly organized.

On Friday, Canyon was the only dog competing in the Canadian Bred Dog Category, so of course, he ended up with first place and went on to compete for Winners Dog. In the winners Dog ring, he was competing against three other dogs. Huib knows for sure that they did not end up with first place, but that’s about all he can say for certain. The judge had them standing in the spot where the second place dog stands, but she did not give anyone other than the first place dog a ribbon and she didn’t tell anyone else a thing.

On Saturday, Canyon was again the only dog entered into the Canadian Bred Category, so went on to compete with the Open Dog (who was also the only dog entered into his category). Normally, the judges have the puppies enter and then call the adults, so Huib ran over to the crate area to grab some extra treats. For some reason, the judge decided to do things differently and called Canyon in first, and about four minutes earlier than scheduled. All Huib heard was their number being called and the words “last call”, so took off running into the ring with Canyon. canyon showed flawlessly, but Huib was flustered so didn’t show him as well as he could have. We can’t say for certain that Huib’s emotions didn’t effect their placement of second place (out of two dogs), but from watching the results of the females competing, I think it was Canyon’s colour (not Huib) that influenced the judge’s decision.

We saw the female puppy from the show in December that canyon got Best of Opposite with and her owner/handler said to Huib as she passed by “see, it’s a white weekend”, so I’m not too discouraged by our results. It’s really frustrating to see how much personal preference effects the show scene, but then, I guess I knew from the start what we were getting ourselves into.

Our next show will be in august. As I mentioned in my previous post, we’re taking the summer off from showing to start learning the sport of drafting.


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