Windsor Show: Not White Enough

Sorry for the late update on how Canyon did on his final day at the Windsor show.

We had an Ontario judge and it did not go so well. As I mentioned in my previous post, all of the golden retrievers at this show except for Canyon were completely white, and it seems as though judges in Ontario like the white goldens over the not so white ones. Personally, I do not like the white ones as much as I like the medium coloured goldens (like Canyon).

Huib and Canyon were automatically given a first place ribbon for the Canadian Bred Dog category, but then got dead last (or third place) for the Winners Dog competition. It was interesting because the Ontario judge ranked Canyon and the other two males in the completely opposite order that the judge from Malaysia had done on Saturday.

Huib and Canyon have entered a show in Chatham next month, so I will be sure to update you all on how they do. I’m also going to call the Canadian Kennel club next week to find out how many points Canyon achieved for his Best of Breed win and will update everyone when I receive my answer.


  1. I think the white goldens look washed out. Personally I like the, um, golden ones. Or the russets. Those are pretty.

    But that’s the pitfalls to showing; it really depends on the judge’s interpretation of the breed standard and who they think embodies it the most. It’s all so biased really.

  2. At least day one went well!

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