Windsor Show: Best Of Breed

Today was Canyon’s first day at the Windsor All Breed Conformation Show.

He was the only dog entered into the Canadian Bred Category so automatically ended up with a first place ribbon there. He then went on to compete against the only dog entered into the Open Category and the winning dog from the 12-18 month olds category. he won Winner’s Dog!

Next, Huib and Canyon competed against the Winner’s Bitch and we’re thinking a Champion (not sure if it was male or female though). He came out with Best of Breed!

After Best of Breed, Canyon went on to compete for Best of Group, but none of the retrievers (curly coated, labrador, flat coats, etc.) made it into the top three so our day ended there.

We aren’t sure how many, if any, points Canyon earned from his wins, but have called his co-breeder and are hoping she’ll call us back with the details.

Canyon needs to work a bit on his free stacking, but overall, I think we can conclude that today was a very good day!


  1. WOW! That is awesome!! Congrats!!

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