I’m A Cracker Critter!

Even though I’m a “Working Stiff”, Mommy says I fit much better into the “Cracker Critter” category.

What’s she insinuating?

So, for those who do not know me, my name is Cessna and I am Mommy’s guide dog, which explains how I also fit into the “Working Stiff” category.

But, I am not like every other guide dog.

Most guide dogs take their job really seriously, and know how to ignore distractions around them, such as squirrels, birds and other dogs, but not me.

Where’s the fun in that?

I keep Mommy safe, but I also like to have fun and think chasing squirrels should be in my job description!

Don’t you?

Here are a couple examples to illustrate why Mommy thinks I am a Cracker Critter…I’ll let you be the judge.

One day Mommy and I were walking to one of her classes and I was being a good girl. For most of the walk we were walking pretty quick, but then I slowed down a bit. Mommy thought there might be some ice, so was really proud of me.

He he he…

She was sadly mistaken…

In fact, we had come along side a field, and I slowed down (I had to make sure my bell didn’t jingle) to get real close to some unsuspecting Canada Geese.

He he he…

As soon as I was right beside them…I let out a “WOOF!” and the entire flock of geese took flight!

I was so proud of myself!

Mommy says I was jumping around like a fool!

I personally think she just doesn’t realize what she’s missing out on – don’t you?

Onto my next story…

About a year ago, Mommy’s friend invited us on a trip to Marineland. For those who don’t know, Marineland is a sort of aquatic theme park where they not only have rides and games, but also different sea creatures! Well…of course Mommy and Daddy said we’d love to join the group.

The first exhibit we saw, was the sea lions. We had to sit through a show *yawn* where some woman got the sea lions to do different tricks. I had so much trouble sitting still and even though Mommy told me to stay quiet, I kept letting out little “Woofs!” and whining at the top of my lungs! I wanted to go play with the sea lions, but Mommy wouldn’t let me!

Mean Mommy!

When the show was all over, Mommy and I went underground and I got to watch the sea lions swim around the big pool. I really wanted to go play with them though so kept putting my paws up on the glass. Mommy just stood there laughing!

But, then…one of the sea lions came over and scared me!

And what did Mommy do? She laughed even harder!!

Next we walked over to the whale area and I got to watch the killer whales swim and splash the crowd.

This was so, so, so cool!

I of course couldn’t control myself!

Mommy held my leash really tight so I couldn’t jump into the water with the whales – what’s her deal?

And at one point Daddy picked me up so that I could see better – he’s such a wonderful man 

It was SO COOL!

At the end of our trip though, we walked through the deer enclosure and I was so scared!

what was Mommy thinking?

There were like a million deer and they all seemed to want to eat me!

Could you imagine?

Luckily, deer aren’t into eating spunky little black labs…

As you can see, I’m not like every other guide dog.

I’m a Cracker Critter!


This is Cessna’s submission for the Mango Minster 2012 Cracker Critter category.


  1. You kind of are a cracker critter, Cessna. But I love you just the same. LOL

  2. Gracious, Cessna, are you sure you got your guide dog certificate? Having a cracker guide dog sure keeps your mom’s life interesting. Sounds like you help each other, which is a very good arrangement. good luck in the contest.

    Jed & Abby

  3. Hi Cessna, we agree you are a great dog but definitely cracker. Good luck with the competition. No worries, and love, Stella (fellow cracker) and Rory

  4. Dollface, you seem to know your crackapedia inside and out. Crackers go insane for anything that moves and isn’t a doggeh… I had a hard time holding my own crackery down lookin’ at those sea lions and deer…
    Swell entry dollface!
    ~Loki, Mango Minster 2012 Judge, Cracker Critters

  5. That tongue definately places you in the cracker category. We are just checking out everyone else that is in our category. Good Luck….Sniffs, The HoundDogs (Winston, Amiee, Bella)

  6. Well I’d say you are definitely a cracker critter inside and out!

  7. Your a cracker alright, we thought you were gonna jump in with those whales. Good luck

    The silvers and more

  8. You seem normal to me, Cessna; I think it’s your MOM that’s Crackers! BOL!!! Woof woof woof!
    – Charlie

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