Another Month Older

Rogue is now 9 months old!

It’s hard to believe that in just three more months, we’ll be celebrating her first birthday.

As of today, Rogue is 21 and a half inches tall, 19 inches long, and weighs 56lbs. She is now the same height as Cessna, but an inch longer and weighs just seven pounds less.

I’m not sure she will grow any taller or longer, but Huib is guessing she’ll end up a bit heavier than Cessna because she seems to have more of a compact build. Cessna is dainty, whereas Rogue is small, but not so small-boned.

I’m glad she has ended up at least as tall as Cessna because if she had been any shorter, I’m not sure she’d work out for guiding since I’m quite tall for a woman. Right now, I use a 19 inch long harness handle with Cessna and do not think I’d get enough information from a longer one.

For Rogue’s nine month birthday, I thought I’d share nine Rogue-isms.

1. When Rogue is nervous, she finds comfort in climbing onto the back of the couch to hide behind me. She will lay her head on my shoulder and watch the world around her.

2. If Huib, my sister or I say hi to Rogue in an excited voice, no matter what Rogue is doing, she’ll run full-force towards us and give us tons of kisses, while wagging her tail wildly.

3. If Rogue gets cold at night, she’ll burrow her way under the blankets and sleep there for hours.

4. When it’s mealtime, Rogue knows that she must be in either a sit or down before we will put her bowl down, so she’ll immediately get into position and quiver, trying to control herself.

5. If Rogue wants to play, even when the others are fast asleep, she will silently stalk them and then pounce! – Huib loves watching her do this.

6. When it is night time and we’re all settled down in the living room, Rogue must always be able to lay next to me, or she will pace and make moaning and groaning noises until I make room.

7. When playing with a toy, Rogue will shake it wildly and make little growling noises.

8. Rogue absolutely hates being dressed up. She has no issue with wearing her winter coat, collar, puppy in training jacket or vest, but if we try to put a Halloween costume, booties or the Newtrix on her, she’ll hide and sulk for hours afterwards.

9. Even though Canyon growls when she climbs into his crate with him, or Cessna growls when she tries to snuggle up beside her, Rogue is not deterred, she’ll just give them a look and settle in for a nap. She doesn’t understand why canyon cares whether or not she uses his bed when he’s not, or Cessna dislikes her attempts to cuddle.

As you can see, Rogue provides us with hours of entertainment.

Life just wouldn’t be the same without our little Hurricane.


  1. Happy 9 month birthday Rogue!!

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