Reece Is Three!

Today our second foster puppy for Autism Dog Services, Reece, turns 3.

We haven’t had a chance to connect with his adoptive family in over a year, but have gotten a few updates from friends who see them once in a while. I’m hoping we can get together with Reece and his family in the next couple of months and post some up-to-date pictures on the blog.

Last year I wrote an entry which explained a bit about raising Reece and why we decided to forgo adopting him. Reece was a wonderful boy, but he just didn’t fit into the pack and Huib couldn’t overlook all of the issues we’d had with our big chocolate boy.

I miss Reece tons, but know he’s been adopted by a wonderful family and that he is just a phone call away if I want to check in.

Happy 3rd Birthday Reeces Pieces!


  1. I can’t believe he’s three already. Wow. Crazy, chocolate boy. 🙂 Happy birthday.

  2. Happy birthday Reece!

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