Hurricane Rogue

Since I’ve been mainly posting new pictures of Rogue, with very little detail on how she is doing, I thought I’d take a moment and update you all.

Rogue is now seven and a half months old. She is 46.8lbs, 21ish inches tall and 20ish inches long. She hasn’t really changed in colour since going from butterscotch to caramel, but her eyes are no longer blue and she has no more puppy teeth. Her eyes are now a medium-dark brown and she’s got a mouth full of adult teeth that still do not fully fit her face.

Along with the increase in age, Rogue’s energy level has risen. She was always an excited puppy, but now she just doesn’t seem to be able to sit still very long. It’s almost as though ten toddlers on sugar highs have taken up residence in my puppy that, once had an on and off button. Now her off button seems to have gotten stuck in the semi-on position. She isn’t always quite at a hurricane speed, but she’s never really quite in a calm state either. Most of the time this is not an issue, but right now I am in the middle of trying to finish up last minute assignments for my course and Hurricane Rogue isn’t always making landfall for just short periods of time.

In terms of training, Rogue seems to have hit a plateau. Her sits, downs, leave its, touches and really short waits are great, but her “loose leash” walking and overall distraction level in public and around other dogs is horrid. To add to this, she has also started letting out little random “woofs” and shying away from people who come to pet her. The shyness started the day she turned 7 months, so I’m assuming it is a phase. Huib has been working a lot though lately, so we really haven’t had a chance to get her out and socializing since she recovered from her spay. He has a few days off coming up though, so I’m really hoping we’ll see some improvement.

In other news, we got Rogue a new training vest from Active Dogs. It is a light teal colour and has three black rectangular patches – one on each side that say “In Training” and one on the back which says “Please Ask To Pet”. And thanks to Cyndy of Gentle Wit, we didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping and brokerage fees! I will try and get some pictures of Rogue in her new vest this weekend.

I will try and update you all a little more regularly from now on…it’s been a little too long.


  1. You had me smiling and chuckling as I read. I am sure just about everyone has told you how normal this all is right grin
    With Thane, I am seeing some of this as well- the hurricane, can’t sit still behaviors that is. Between the weathe rof the pacific northwest in november and Thane beginning to really feel his oats after two years of undiagnosed Lyme has been greatly resolved- well lets just say getting out and working in this dry cold snap is the only thing that has managed to keep us both sane LOL
    I am quite interested in your new vest- just from curiosity standpoint
    I saw some neat Ruffwear gear this week but I certainly would not ahve paid even the SD price scale for the items. I’ve come to realize that they often don’t think about the dislikes some have of things going over the head or the limitations some disabled folks have of doing so (yup they have been told about these factors but keep designing the same way)
    This is part of my curiosity with your vest.
    Anyway hope you can get out with Rogue again soon. Must be hard to do school and train at the same time.

  2. Hi Karyn,
    The vest is awesome. It has a plastic backpack like clip on the front and on the belly for easy dressing and removal. The clips are also pretty big so nice for people with not the greatest hand use (I think).

    It has been a bit tough when assignments are due and when I need to read. Luckily I handed in my final assignment yesterday and have a month or so off before I begin another course.

    We got Rogue out twice this weekend and she did quite well. She got spooked by a man’s jacket and a table cloth that moved strangely, but otherwise she was stellar. Her pulling was still tough, but once Huib had some really, really tasty treats in his pocket and she knew about them, her pulling stopped, but she kept jumping up a bit and bumping his hand with her nose lol! He has some more time off this week and then another stretch of time off next week so hopefully we’ll get her out some more.

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