Aiden’s Four!

Today our first foster puppy for Autism dog Services, Aiden, turns four.

This is so hard to believe!

It feels like just yesterday we handed off his leash to the Carroll family forever.

Aiden was such an amazing puppy to raise and train. He had so much life and enthusiasm. I think this is why Huib and I love rogue so much, she reminds us of our big caramel goofball.

We get almost daily updates on how our boy is doing, but I really have nothing new to report. He continues to attend school with Kamaran, still loves apples and to play fetch until he can’t walk.

We’re hoping to get together with Aiden and his family in the new year, but until then, here are some of my favourite Monkey Man pictures.

Happy 4th Birthday Aiden, Amber, Teal, rody, Libby, Taz and Marley!

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