8 Months Old

RLR’s Babe In Total Control (aka Rogue) is 8 months old today!

It’s hard to believe that just six months and three days ago Huib and I laid eyes on our little caramel hurricane for the first time.

Here are 8 things I love about Rogue:
1. I love the noises Rogue makes when she’s stretching, unhappy about something or just wanting us to know she’s there. They aren’t noises that a typical dog makes, but more of a noise you’d expect from a human, bear or sometimes even a cow lol!
2. I love the way she shivers from nose to tail in excitement, when she’s asked to “wait” and is trying really, really hard not to move.
3. I love the way Rogue teases Canyon. She’ll grab his toy and take off running through the house so that he will chase her.
4. I love the fact that Rogue will play tug with Cessna. The two of them will get so vocal and animated trying to win. Cessna loves having another lab to play tug with since playing with the goldens, just isn’t the same.
5. I love the way Rogue shakes her stuffed toys and growls at them.
6. I love the way Rogue gets so excited when she knows it is time to get up and tries smothering us with kisses.
7. I love the fact that Rogue does nothing like a “typical” puppy. She never followed the pack, she climbed enclosures that should have kept her contained, she wrestled with the big dogs from day one and she has never been interested in pleasing anyone.
8. I love the fact that Rogue makes her opinions known. When she was spayed, the vet asked us to come pick her up over four hours early because she was crying and screaming in the back and they had to assign a staff member to sit with her. Or when we are driving in the truck and she is with the others in the back and cannot get to us, she will start making her moaning and groaning noises in protest.

It has been a very adventurous six months so far. I can’t wait to see what the next six months has in store for us all with our little caramel family member.

So for now, Happy 8 Month Birthday to Rogue and her siblings – Josie, Ruby, Snickers, Cody, “Flower” and “Coal”!

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