Just A Little Snow

So far we have only had a tiny bit of snow. It’s quite unusual for this to happen.

Huib decided to take the four dogs out and try to pose them in the snow. Here’s how it went.

Canyon never has an issue with posing for the camera, as long as you don’t mind him bringing a toy along.

Cessna is so used to posing for the camera, so could care less.

Aspen doesn’t mind posing either, but she just can’t seem to look happy about it.

Rogue isn’t as good about posing for pictures…

She just can’t seem to stay still.

Hopefully he’ll have better luck when we get some more snow lol!


  1. Too funny- are you sure Rogue is not Border Collie! LOL
    Believe me it takes toys to get the pictures I get of Thane
    And Oh My, if he aint in the mood for a posing type of picture- you just aint gonna get it! grin

    btw we don’t normally get flooded in November either- way too early for that nonsense

  2. Hi Y’all,

    Nothing like a few action shots for those of us who don’t like to stay still. 😉

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Hi Karyn, I sometimes wonder if rogue has a little bit of border collie in her, she really can’t seem to stay still longer than a few seconds at a time lol!

    canyon absolutely loves his toys, so you’ll notice that there always seems to be one with him in all pictures.

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