It’s Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This year Huib and I decided to try being artistic, and make a Dr. Seuss themed pumpkin.

Canyon The Wizard

Cessna the Christmas Elf

Aspen The Ladybug

Rogue The Fairy Princess

Only Aspen seemed to enjoy this little game of dress-up.

Wonder what they would all think, if I made them all wear their costumes tonight…


  1. Awww… I love all the costumes!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Great costumes! I creatively dressed Ace up as the Night Sky (haha).

  3. You guys are my heroes. Canyon the Wizard is hilarious!

  4. I just slapped some of my tighter fitting clothes on Mabesauce and hoped for the best. I think she liked the skirt quite a bit…ha!

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